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The exploration of "Chinese sea" road of the internationalization of production standards and quality content is the key

2018-06-25 10:44 beijing evening news TF2018

Let the Chinese opera "go out", to show the younger generation of the true face of the country and Chinese style, is the era Chinese TV to respond. In 2017, the total amount of China video content products and services exports has more than $400 million, expanding the scale of export, the export type continuously enriched, the export market is also extended from Southeast Asia to the Middle East, Africa and europe. As more and more domestic drama aired overseas and have good social effect and sales performance, "the new topic of Chinese opera sea is becoming a concern to the industry, in the just concluded Shanghai TV Festival, the parties on how to tell a good story to the world China start hot.

Author: Qiu Wei

With adorable pictures President Su Xiaoceng many times with the works to "knock" six Hollywood studios of the door to seek cooperation, into the experience made him understand, really can make Chinese sailing, is an international series production standards and to overcome the cultural differences, caused by a global audience with high-quality content. "Why do we play before, now in Southeast Asian countries' The Belt and Road 'relevant countries can first go out, because the values we can find a meeting point, everyone on the concept of the family, all have sympathy for the children's education idea." Su Xiao believes that the only serious study of different regional market, understand the local preferences of the audience and the resonance point, in view of the editing, translation, drama and broadcast output will achieve better results.

During the Shanghai TV Festival, the fourth session of the "send music alliance" forum, forum for the "National Opera sea - reference and beyond" this issue research. Send music media screenwriter Zhang Yongchen shared the new "seven," the creation of feelings. The film by Sanping Han served as director of the system, Li Chen, Wang Qianyuan, Yang Caiyu starred in the thriller suspense drama is the overseas Chinese American film. The drama tells the story background in the United States, the Chinese compatriots after seven days and nights, staged a multinational rescue speed, but also to complete the self redemption story. "Seven," by the media to send music 5 young writers in American way to build the domestic drama, in the aspects of script writing on drama "24 hours". Zhang Yongchen said, this drama has made great progress than traditional drama tells the story of the way. "Seven," the creation mode is the U.S. drama production team, the executive director also a drama "CSI" and shooting team, this is the show overall in the United States the reasons for the shooting.

"Either system or the creation mode, TV expression we are more in the pursuit of internationalization. It is a challenge for us, for the TV series, may be the key factors to go abroad. We also introduce values, let more and more people are not only China audience, and the audience can accept it." Zhang Yongchen said, "seven", is currently working with foreign and domestic network platform for the issue in the United States. The Department concerned about the current situation of overseas Chinese life drama, there are China professional script as the base pad, into the American industrialization process, and strive to show the excellent image of China young generation knowledge and vision, understand the international rules.

"Tell a good story China, showing Oriental aesthetic expression, the world is" Chee Wen media core idea of "going out" strategy. Chee Wen media has already started planning national opera "sea", many works have repercussions in overseas broadcast. The "Chu Joe biography" in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and domestic YouTube platform broadcast simultaneously, during the harvest of 350 million hits, 570 thousand users to share. Within 40 days, "Chu Joe" YouTube account subscribers from zero to 253 thousand, watch more than 2 billion 800 million minutes long. Among them, the user contributed revenue accounted for nearly 50% of overseas income. Chee Wen media founder Ma Chun said that with the strengthening of Chinese sound, Chinese cultural symbols, Chinese opera "go out", not only is the formation of the sale effect, more important is to spread the excellent culture of Chinese. The future, CI Wen media will integrate the drama "sea", deeply involved in the international integration of industry resources, technology, management and other factors and development.

In addition, the technology innovation is to create conditions for Chinese opera. Ma Zhongjun for example, "Chu Joe biography" in Mongolia's mainstream TV station has just finished, the ratings ranked in the forefront, the result obtained with the mature software on translation. He said that because of the use of translation software, now the overseas purchase party has no language requirements for the drama series, as long as the theme of the appropriate overseas broadcast platform, play quality to meet the requirements of the other party, there is no problem. So from the point of view, now more and more "going out" opportunity, Chinese movie or drama, the possibility of spreading overseas than in the past most of the."


Source: Beijing Evening News

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