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Wu Guanzhong had to paint the Beijing Hotel has not been used for 15 years after then invited to brush for the huge painting

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In June 1988, Wu Guanzhong invited to the state banquet hall Beijing Hotel Beijing Hotel. In this beautiful decoration in the hall, Wu Guanzhong felt excited, did not think 15 years later was again invited to the state banquet hall of Beijing Hotel. Soon, he meticulously painted 15 meters long, 3 meters wide giant ink painting "three (Hanbai)" odd emerged.

Author: Peng Xiaodong

In October 25, 1971, People's Republic of China regained its lawful seat in the United Nations, many countries to establish diplomatic relations with Chinese thereafter. For a time, the Beijing Hotel led eight foreign hotel, hotel guests number of full, many foreign guests are often hard to find a room. For the solution of the instruction of Premier Zhou Enlai, as pressing danger, building a new Beijing Hotel East building. Started in March 1973, with only the time in one year and three months, the 23 storey building was built east Beijing Hotel. The new East Building, there are nearly more than 2000 square meters of the lobby of the hall, there are dozens of restaurants and hundreds of rooms. How to decorate, display or calligraphy? Then, on the instructions of the central government, led by the China Artists Association, invited dozens of major artists and cities resounding fame, will continue to stay in Beijing Hotel, for the East building. These are Wu Zuoren, Li Keran, Li Kuchan, Zheng Naiguang, Huang Zhou, Bai Xueshi, Wang Xuetao, Tian Shiguang, et al.

In 1973, associate professor at the central Academy of Fine Arts of Wu Guanzhong, when he was fifty-four years old, was still Hebei rural labor. One day he suddenly received orders of superiors, said he has an important mission to return to Beijing immediately. Back to the central Academy of Fine Arts, school leaders told him that a new Beijing Hotel East Building, design drawings requirements of large restaurant walls are murals of "Yangtze map" decoration, which should be used to show the mural paintings in the Yangtze River in the scenery on both sides, and asked Wu Guanzhong, Huang Yong, Yuan Yunfu, Zhu Danian, et al. The jade belt immediately. Suzhou, Nanjing, was to Mount Huangshan, Chongqing, and other places along the way from the three gorges.

Wu Guanzhong and others will be ordered to start sketching. In January 1974, Wu Guanzhong, Huang Yongyu and others with their own sketch draft returned to Beijing, unfortunately after finishing, did not get approved. Why is this not below? I don't understand why many years later. At that time, Wu Guanzhong, Huang Yongyu, Yuan Yunfu, a Zhu Danian painting of the Yangtze River Basin, according to the art world leaders, to concentrate, and integrated into a complete work of art. And then draw into a large mural painting without light decoration, Beijing Hotel East building. So, this large mural, hanging in where? There are a few outsiders to know the insider, according to some of the old staff recalled: the original Beijing Hotel East building design drawings, to become a Beijing Hotel East building was the tallest building in the entire capital city, but also in the new East on the top floor of the building, built a large banquet hall, it is now the banquet hall (1954 years) also doubled.

The banquet hall, in addition to large light oil painting mural decoration, but also let the international friends of people to board the Beijing capital high ground, overlooking the city of Beijing, the Forbidden City palace courtyard buildings and other buildings, the Great Hall of the people. This East Building decided to install more than the domestic elevator lift through the roof, the new building use, only half a minute, you can from one layer to the top, the guests without any discomfort.

Unfortunately, because of various reasons, in the banquet hall of the top-level design to. Wu Guanzhong, Huang Yongyu, Yuan Yunfu, Zhu Danian four sketch along the Yangtze River has not been issued, the new East Building the Beijing Hotel.

Later, the East Building Design of Beijing Hotel to large porcelain murals. The design uses the Chinese Painting Department of the Central Academy of fine arts professor famous landscape painter Mr. Bai Xueshi created a "new Guilin Scenery" Lijiang painting paintings, porcelain from Jingdezhen's porcelain shaozao. Finally, the East Building East Hall carved a 17 meters long, 5 meters high wall, CO fired about 350 thousand tiles. "Different color Lijiang spring" porcelain mural picture with only peaks, reflection, bamboo, bamboo, sky and other characters, different tiles, there are more than 130 kinds of. 1989 Beijing Hotel East Building decoration, the East Hall of the restaurant to the restaurant, a large porcelain mural, all destroyed, but I still have a Chinese Beijing Hotel East Hall restaurant postcards, so that people can see the old "Lijiang spring" style.

Although Wu Guanzhong was not the Beijing Hotel for the mural, but he did not end with the fate of the Beijing Hotel. I have been met with Mr. Wu Guanzhong. Mr. Wu Guanzhong and I first met in Beijing Hotel east two floor gallery, the introducer is vice president of China Meixie teacher Hua Junwu. It was about 1981, a small exhibition dedicated to Wu Guanzhong held in Beijing Hotel. I was fortunate to visit the exhibition, personal think that Mr. Wu's works, or figurative painting, unlike his old age, most of his works in the abstract art period. Some of his works in his later years, only with the abstract beauty point line surface color makes the works full of fans of the Li dream.

6 1988, Wu Guanzhong invited to the state banquet hall Beijing Hotel Beijing Hotel. In this beautiful decoration in the hall, Wu Guanzhong felt excited, did not think 15 years later was again invited to the state banquet hall of Beijing Hotel. Soon, he meticulously painted 15 meters long, 3 meters wide giant ink painting "three (Hanbai)" odd emerged. 1 1989 years, 70 years old Mr. Wu Guanzhong, and for the Beijing Hotel VIP floor carefully created a huge oil painting: "Snow Mountain". Snow mountain, a red flag rises from the East, the painting decoration, hanging over the Beijing Hotel VIP floor lobby of the hall.

In the new millennium, there was a great thing, Mr. Wu Guanzhong's painting "the Yangtze River" "coming out". Originally, Wu Guanzhong 1974, according to their own sketches issued, painted the draft "painting 6 meters long and more 1974 years of the Yangtze River". 30 years later, Wu Guanzhong's son can rain, accidentally discovered was thrown in a drawer full of dust a long roll of canvas, he asked his father does not know. Mr. Wu Guanzhong said: "I can forget? This is my blood!" The painting because the paper is poor, has become crisp yellow, but the picture is still bright color, like just finished as soon. Later, Wu Guanzhong's old friend, Mr. Zhang Shidong, famous for its mounting mounting division, to. 8 2006 17, Mr. "Wu Guanzhong 1974 -" oil painting sketch manuscript to the Yangtze River, the Imperial Palace Museum permanent collection. This is one of the classic works of his paintings, due to various historical reasons, and missed the Beijing Hotel.


Source: Beijing Evening News

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