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V Drama: "two hundred million year old students" small details and lovable group CP exploit many crazy writers

2018-06-24 10:44 beijing evening news TF2018


"Lou Wailou Restaurant"

Pot package: Hailu Qin and acting is good; Xi Meijuan special for mother, especially her way of speaking. Read the comments to know Michelle Ye, I saw it was not recognized. Watch is good. Friends, see the calligraphy haven't met in a long time.

"Two hundred million years old" students

Erica: is the very idea of the drama, go real life campus drama route has good wind, female and male, male two interactive small details are very love, especially the pain did not go on the lines of literary style. Unfortunately, the second story is somewhat awkward, crazy writers group CP to fall in love, all kinds of loopholes emerge in an endless stream.

"I want to see you smile"

This year saw second ASIMO mushroom: domestic pure love drama, the story has some very Lei is very magical place, but also, can look down. The main men love cute, Li Wenhan for the role. The following set of Kudachoushen compared against each other or love in front of the Huan de......


Source: Beijing Evening News

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