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V drama critic: "schoolmate two hundred million years old" small details set up happy group screenwriter crazy group CP loopholes.

2018-06-24 10:44. beijing evening news TF2018


Lou Wai Lou

Hailu Qin is also good at acting. Xi Meijuan is especially suitable for playing her mother, especially her way of speaking. I didn't recognize Michelle Ye when I read the reviews, but I didn't recognize them when I saw them. It's good to catch up. The friends of Wen Hui saw the brush words that had not seen for a long time.

"Classmate two hundred million years old"

Rica: it's a very interesting drama. The campus drama route that goes the real life style is pretty good. The little details of the interaction between the female and the male and the male two are all very fond of it, especially on the lines. Unfortunately, the latter half of the plot is a bit awkward, the screenwriter crazy group CP to fall in love, all kinds of loopholes are endless.

I want to see you smile.

The second domestic pure love dramas this year has some very magical places, but they are also good enough to watch. Love between men and women is very cute, Li Wenhan is suitable for this role. Compared with the last few episodes, we love each other and love each other.


Source: Beijing Evening News

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