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The old gentleman of the sinus view of honor and Disgrace: teaching practice dedicated people respected cherish life "face"

2018-06-21 10:15 beijing evening news TF2018

Anhui east old family of doctors and teachers are known as "mr.". Before the 40 year old father is the reputation of the teachers, then until retirement has been engaged in the medical work. Hometown people call me father as "old sinus Sir", is not based on what kind of consideration, or from occupation, or because the title, or both. Anyway, my father is very fond of this.

Author: Dou Zhongru

People respect "sinus old Mr." is not only his very learned knowledge and excellent skills, there is a father's hand written in elegant calligraphy. Fengnianguojie paste antithetical couplet is particularly valued people and customs, while father is busy most of the time, is also the most pleasant scenery. From the morning began tinkering with the table, paper cutting, grinding inkstone ink, everything is ready after the father will sit in the square table, waiting for people to seek the word Xiang cable joint. Later, my father is not huihaopomo go zones, wearing reading glasses for contact with carefully selected fit home conditions and concentrate hard when speaking of Jinlian, sometimes, Shu Mei Qiu essential modality, it can live in the hearts of children engraved.

With the passage of time, father's health is weak, the pen's right hand shaking. Even so, when people need to write antithetical couplet of seeking father still refused to brace up, never down. However, I do not know when the room door, the village people on the antithetical couplet is no longer the father's familiar handwriting, past holidays in front of my house with people in a continuous line cable in the dilute fall. To this end, father's mood was poor, often murmured: "I am old and useless." See father depression, we feel uneasy as politely persuaded the village people is not bear to bother you Mr. big, want to let your body enjoy old age care. Father listened, just silently, not say what. In fact, father understood our persuasion to comfort him, and some people can't hide in the arrogant young. Later, my father not only adhering to the style, beautiful hand written calligraphy, but also refers to a very skilled master, The students surpass the teacher. momentum. So, in front of my house and the restoration of the original bustling. At this time, the father is holding the teapot, while sample tea, while looking at the sleeves were pleased brush.

His father was respected, so it is very important "face", he does not allow us to make some ten sisters are detrimental to the "face". However, the most significant father I was in the college entrance examination into his face. I walked into school, in eleven years of studying hard, both the midterm and final exams, or as a small unit, often are among the best, which makes the father was on the face of the scenery. Senior year, I was to learn the arts, to a county in boarding, expect a test in the. Unexpectedly, by studying in rural middle school years, liberal arts foundation is not solid, Jiebang entrance, I with five difference mingluosunshan. The exam day, I feel depressed, the father is silent all day, holding up the teapot sitting in a corner of the room. One night, she bounced from outside the village came back and said, tonight movie, mother asked why the movie? The young girl said East Village uncle cousin first, uncle please village for three days on the film team ready to celebrate. The speaker has no intention, but father listen to the more gloomy face. Is winter, I can not bear the poverty as I repeat more difficult, because I also don't want to let father and a sense of loss of face, so I decided to bring pen enlist in the army, vowed to let the father in front of people to fame. After the army, I may be affected by the genetic father's love face, the work is far behind. So a Zhang meritorious service fall let father happy, join the party provided the relief by father jasion, while I was in the army he engaged in the old gentleman thought that the most beautiful "copy", is for the father earn enough face". Especially I often receive send back to the issue that I become like the small type of time, my father would watch over and over, and convened a family or neighborhood naturally or half unconsciously chanting, whenever I think of these tears surge out.

This is my father's honor and disgrace.


Source: Beijing Evening News

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