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"The grasshopper king": the literati painting and the grasshopper written a book "Lou Shibai Ya Ming map"

2018-06-21 10:26 beijing evening news TF2018

Wang Zhongmin, a famous painter. Cangzhou City, Botou Province, was born in Hebei in 1951. Lou Shibai, vice president, vice chairman of Chinese Academy China forestry artists association. The publication of "Wang Zhongmin paintings"; and "Lou Shibai co publishing album Ya Ming", etc..

Author: Xiong Qingrui

The countryside's achievement of cricket fans

In summer, all the birds hot halo, hiding in the shade without a sound, only the grasshopper happily singing in the grass and trees. Whether you believe that much of the years, play fun some unforgettable cricket cricket. On that day, when friends took me to see a called "grasshopper king" of the painter Wang Zhongmin, I immediately jubilant.

The painter Mr. Wang Zhongmin into the studio, he was busy to greet us, he said, you have to look, I put a few strokes, then turned away.

I did not look at all the scenery, quietly around the "grasshopper king" painting in the morning on the grasshopper. Hook, cracked, rub, dye...... Soon, Mr. Wang has a vivid pen Chongming, grasshopper Yueranzhishang, once again I "heard" the grasshopper and the sweet sounds, this is my pleasure, so familiar, is so sweet......

"You had a grasshopper?"

I nodded. "I remember when I was young, every summer, hanging in the window of a bamboo cage, keep a green grasshopper, while doing homework while listening to the calls of its wings." "The grasshopper king" smiled and put down his brush, duanqichabei sitting in front of me and I started to serve.

The 67 year old artist Wang Zhongmin, "I love playing cricket, rural home in Hebei. When crops in some is the grasshopper, green, black, purple, big and small, male or female. The sun, wind blows, and then made a chewing stick sweet root bar, listening to a grasshopper called, that is comfortable! Then catch the grasshopper just for fun, and did not think will become attached and grasshopper.

Wang Zhongmin was obsessed with painting, talked about in the field to catch grasshopper keep des sauterelles happy, also talked about the primary school when the selected international children's painting competition and award-winning paintings "Peony". He later became infatuated with small freehand brushwork, especially in the feathers of insects taste deep enlightenment. In 2006, Mr. Lou Shibai and mentor for CO publishing album "Ya Ming map" and the achievements of his capital "grasshopper king" reputation, to old age still infatuated with funny life painting grasshopper grasshopper. Others called him "the grasshopper king", he modestly says he is painting the grasshopper,". This is my king Wang Wang, not the king of the king".

The literati painting written grasshopper

Mr. Wang sat in the quiet studio, accompanied by sweet tea curl, listening to the cricket chirping, a dust heart washed, she contented and happy. Mr. Wang is downtown, but far from the madding crowd, Dankan Honor Hold "tea" Shou "bug", I know, his heart full of hidden deep local feelings.

The grasshopper is my friends in life, or that it and I also live in such an atmosphere. I am the grasshopper such a very lovely vector to express my life and feelings."

Mr. Wang told me that Chinese has always regarded the grasshopper for pets, the Song Dynasty people began to keep raising grasshopper grasshopper, become a symbol of society.

I immediately think of the film "the last emperor" only three years old at the enthronement of emperor Xuantong lens: in the face of shouts of "long live the emperor", was at a loss, when he found the body of the grasshopper minister was exposed innocent smile...... Thus the grasshopper thermal life.

In fact, not only in the Chinese people put in the earth the grasshopper grasshopper favorite singer, voiceless, is in Europe, there are still good cricket. Eighteenth Century British famous poet Keats wrote a song "grasshopper and crickets"

The poetry of earth is never dead:

When all the birds are faint with the hot sun,

Hiding in the shade of the forest, there is a voice

Floating around the cut grass hedges

That is the grasshopper music! It first

In summer luxury, it never felt

Your joy away, once sang tired,

They live comfortably in the middle of gratifying grass.

The poetry of the earth, never cease:

In the lonely winter night, when frost cemented

A quiet, it bounced from the fireside

The cricket's song, in the increased heating,

People feel that voice be sleepy straws.

It is something of the mountain grass grasshopper in singing.

Grasshopper culture still continues. In real life, dove disk in old Beijing a grasshopper, lift cage birds and other traditional stuff, Mr. Wang only to raise not only the grasshopper, grasshopper raising room in the cage, and kept in the pen, but the achievements of famous "" Ya Ming map ".

In the words of Wang Zhongmin, "when I draw I was grasshopper grasshopper, I in painting, painting in my life, the expression of the passions with the grasshopper, express my feelings."

A bug to play out the deep emotion between teachers and students

Mr. Wang Zhongmin opened the album "Ya Ming map", 12 works all is the grasshopper "human photo album", only a Seiko fine pen grasshopper in guqin, tea table, palace fan, Yantai, book jars, edge freehand drawing, picture the quiet, leisurely, contented. Each picture on the momentum of dazzling seal, by Mr. Wang Zhongmin, the famous teacher of Chinese painting art Master Mr. Lou Shibai inscribed.

Yantai one simple thick, a green light is sucking the ink grasshopper down, Mr. Lou Shibai seal problem is: "the ancient ink containing aromatic intoxicating"; a beam of sunlight irradiation from the upper right on half a guqin, a brown grasshopper is brandish strings, Mr. Lou Shibai seal problem: "Lang Yu to embellish the autumn sound"; on the screen of a rough simple jars and two bowls, one bowl of wine, drunk grasshopper turn...... Mr. Lou Shibai Zhuan: why the worries, only dukang......

In this special album "two teachers and students collaborate elaborately elegant Ming map", not only one seal the old Lou twelve pictures, and wrote the "preface" and the title. I learned to grasshopper thematic published pictures, this is the first time in the publishing industry. And students for a book, this is the life of Mr. Lou Shibai only once. Lou teacher mother Wang Likun simply said to Wang Zhongmin, "you are the" grasshopper king. "!"

According to experts, the album hit three "hitherto unknown". One is to describe the object as the main grasshopper album, hitherto unknown. The two is the grasshopper "personification" painted literati temperament aloof, hitherto unknown. The three is the "complete set" for Mr. Lou inscription students' works is hitherto unknown. "Ya Ming map" published, many artists, collectors, very interested in "Ya Ming map" wonderful text, Lou old precious inscriptions and elegant euphemism with poetry. That can make the worm "Polish" to this realm, this is indeed rare fine vivid painting.

Mr Wang Zhongmin took the "five music" to us Fortum, Mr. Lou in the painting of the inscription: "the people of Wang Shengzhong painted exquisite insects, especially the grasshopper is more vivid, more ancient and fresh today. This is the another masterpiece, so who will be a great blessing." Mr. Wang Lou of old unforgettable Shien and motivate yourself, especially the more ancient and fresh today ", can be understood as Mr. Lou to his art and certainly highly summarized grasshopper.

Now, after tens of thousands of times the Wang Zhongmin art practice, he used the traditional techniques, hook, cracked, rub, dye, water, ink and color, in a few square centimeters even in the area of a few square millimeters.

"The grasshopper character joy can also bring joy. I have had this experience, when you are tired and thirsty from in the mountains, far to hear the singing of grasshoppers, there will be a feeling of happiness from the heart, as if on the side of your friend, suddenly there is a spirit. But there is a kind of intuition, you hear here is the grasshopper, quickly realize the ecological environment here is good. When you are painting, reading, tea, and chat with friends, a grasshopper singing wit, would be particularly interesting, will feel a kind of vitality, will guide your thoughts to the unique landscape, between the kind of vegetation will smell the fresh air......" Mr. Wang said, especially in the winter the twelfth lunar month, whether you are a bus in the street, or in a restaurant, have a clear grasshopper whose bosom cries, do not say that he himself in ecstasies, from the bottom of my heart to the United States, is next to the person will feel a spring. A pleasure. So the grasshopper is brought to you a short or too wonderful for words endless joy......

Fun is the art of seed, it is also the source of the health of the elderly. The pursuit of taste and insects with happiness within, in beauty, life will become a beautiful landscape.


Source: Beijing Evening News

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