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"The king of the grasshopper": the painting of the grasshopper, the artist and the teacher, together with Lou Shi Bai.

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Wang Zhongmin, a famous painter. Born in Botou, Cangzhou, Hebei Province in 1951. Lou Shi Bai student, vice president of Chinese Academy of painting and vice chairman of China forestry Artists Association. The publication is selected by Wang Zhongmin's painting, and the publication of the picture album "Ya Ming Tu" with Lou Shi Bai.

Author: Xiong Qingrui

The country's child interest makes the grasshopper fan.

In summer, all the birds fainted, hiding in the green shade, and only the grasshoppers sang happily on the grass and trees. No matter how old you are, I believe that the joy of playing cricket in childhood can never be forgotten. That day, when my friend said he took me to see a painter named Wang Zhongmin, I immediately began to exuberant.

When he walked into the studio of Mr. Wang Zhongmin, he was busy with us, and said, "just look at it first. When I finish these strokes, I will turn around and look at it."

I can not afford to look at the house full of scenery, quietly around the painting case to see the "grasshopper king" painting the grasshopper. Hook, dot, chapped, rub, dye... In an instant, Mr. Wang began to write insects, and a living grasshopper jumped on the paper. Once again, I heard the sweet call of the grasshopper. This is a long lost childhood interest, so familiar and intimate.

"Have you ever had a grasshopper?"

I nodded. "I remember when I was young, every summer vacation, I hung a small bamboo woven cage in the window, and I raised a green and green grasshopper. I was doing my homework during the summer vacation, listening to its wings and singing. "The king of grasshopper" smiled and put down the brush on his hand. He sat up on the opposite side of the cup and began to talk to me.

Wang Zhongmin, a 67 year old painter, loves little grasshoppers. "My hometown is in the countryside of Hebei. When I was little, some of the crops were grasshoppers, green, black, purple, big, small, male and female. When the sun is in the sun, the breeze blows, and then sticks up the sweet stick to chew and listen to a grasshopper. At that time, catching the grasshopper was just for fun, and did not expect to become attached to the grasshopper later.

Wang Zhongmin has been fascinated by painting since childhood. When he talked about the joy of catching grasshoppers and grasshoppers in the field, he also talked about winning the international children's painting competition and winning the peony cat. Later, he was fascinated by small freehand brushwork flowers and birds, especially in the interest of the brushwood. In 2006, he published a picture album "Ya Ming Tu" with his teacher, Mr. Lou Shi Bai, and accomplished his reputation as "king of the grasshopper" in the capital. In his later years, he was still infatuated with the life of the grasshopper. Others call him "the king of the grasshopper". He always says humbly that he is painting the grasshopper. My king is surnamed Wang, not the king of kings.

Draw the grasshopper into a gentleman.

Sitting in Mr. Wang's quiet studio, accompanied by tea incense, listening to the sweet melody of the grasshopper, there is a dust heart to wash away, happy and self satisfied. Although Mr. Wang is in a busy market, he is far away from the hustle and bustle. He looks down on the honor and disgrace and holds the "tea" to defend the "worm". I know that his heart is full of deep local feelings.

"Grasshopper" is a friend in my life, or it lives in such an atmosphere as I do. I express my life and feelings through such a lovely carrier as the grasshopper.

Mr. Wang told me that the Chinese have always regarded the grasshopper as a pet. People in the Song Dynasty began to raise the grasshopper, and the grasshopper became a symbol of the upper class.

I immediately remembered the footage of Emperor Xuan Tong, who was only three years old in the last emperor of the movie, when he held the throne ceremony. In the face of the high voice of the emperor, he was at a loss as to what to do. When he discovered the grasshopper of the minister, he showed an innocent smile. This shows the life portrayal of the Qing Dynasty's grasshopper fever.

In fact, people in China not only regard the grasshopper as the singer of the earth, but also like the voiceless sound of the grasshopper. Keats, a famous British poet in eighteenth Century, wrote a "grasshopper and crickets".

The poetry of the land never dies.

Grasshopper, when all birds are fainted by the scorching sun.

Hidden in the cool woods, there is a voice.

Floating on the hedge around the newly cut grass.

That's the music of the grasshopper!

Indulged in the luxury of summer, it never felt.

My joy is gone, once I am tired.

Comfortably in the middle of the pleasant grass.

The poetry of the earth has never ceased.

In the lonely winter night, when the frost is condensed

It was quiet, and it sprung up from the hearth.

The songs of crickets are rising gradually.

Drowsy, people feel the sound.

It seems that the grasshopper is singing on the hairy hills.

The culture of the grasshopper is still continuing. In real life, in the traditional dove of the old Beijing, such as the dove, the grasshopper, the cage and the bird, Wang has a special liking for raising the grasshopper. He not only keeps the grasshopper in the cage, but also keeps the writing room and keeps it in the pen.

In Wang Zhongmin's words, "when I was painting the grasshopper, I was a grasshopper. I was painting myself, drawing life, expressing my emotions and emotions with my grasshopper."

A small bug plays a profound role.

Open up Mr. Wang Zhongmin's picture book "Ya Ming Tu". The 12 pieces of work are all "human photo collections" of the grasshopper. And the seal characters on every picture are written by Mr. Wang Zhongmin's teacher and Mr. Lou Shibai, the famous Chinese painting master.

A green and light grasshopper is lowering its head and sucking ink. One of Mr. Lou's white seal questions is: "ancient ink contains fragrant and intoxicating"; a beam of sunlight is shining from the upper right to the half Zhang Qin, and a brown koukoue is playing the string. Mr. Loushi Bai's seal question is: "tune the jade to moisten the autumn sound"; on the picture, a rough and unrefined wine altar and two bowls, one of which is poured into a bowl, and a koumiss is drunk. Mr. Lou Shibai's seal question: why do we relieve our worries, only Du Kang...

In this special thematic album "Ya Ming Tu", which was carefully cooperated by two teachers and students, Lou Lao not only wrote twelve titles, but also wrote the preface and title. I learned that it was the first time to publish a picture album with the name of grasshopper. To collaborate with students to produce an album of paintings is also the only one in Mr. Lou's life. Lou Shi mother Wang Likun simply said to Wang Zhongmin, "you are the" king of the grasshopper "today.

According to experts, this album has created three "unprecedented". First, the album with the grasshopper as the main object has never been seen before. The two is to describe the "personification" of the grasshopper as an elegant and elegant scholar. The three is Mr. Lou's "complete set" inscription for students' works, which is unprecedented. After the publication of "Ya Ming Tu", many calligraphers and collectors are very interested in the elegant ink, the precious old inscription and the euphemistic elegance of "Ya Ming Tu". It is rare to say that it is very delicate and vivid to say that we can "think" the worm.

Mr. Wang Zhongmin took out the five child Le Fu diagram to show us the inscription of Mr. Lou in the painting: "Wang Shengzhong people are good at drawing fine grass insects, especially the grasshoppers, which are more vivid and more ancient and fresh. This is another masterpiece, and the winner will be blessed. Mr. Wang has never forgotten Lou Lao's gratitude and encouragement to himself, especially "the more ancient and fresh today", which can be understood as Mr. Lou's high generalization and affirmation of his own grasshopper art.

Now, after thousands of art practice, Wang Zhongmin uses the traditional techniques of hook, dot, chapped, rubbing and dyeing to make water, ink and color in several square centimeters or even in several square millimeters.

The joy of a grasshopper's character can also bring joy to people. I have had such an experience that when you are sketching, tired and thirsty in the mountains, you can hear the sounds of the grasshopper far from you, and you will have a happy feeling from your heart, as if there are friends around you. And there is an intuition that when you hear the grasshopper, you will immediately realize that the ecological environment here is good. When you paint a picture, when you read a book, when you talk with your friends, there is a grasshopper saying something funny. You will feel a lot of fun, and you will feel a sense of vitality. It will lead your thoughts back to the mountains and rivers, and you will smell the unique refreshing spirit between the plants. Mr. Wang said, especially in the middle of winter, no matter whether you are in the street, on the bus or in the dining room, you should send a grasshopper's crisp tweets in your arms. Don't say that he listens to himself as drunk as a fish. So the grasshopper brings you a wonderful or endless joy.

Child interest is the seed of art and the source of health for the elderly. The pursuit of children and insects is companions, pleasure, beauty in which life becomes a beautiful landscape.


Source: Beijing Evening News

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