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Jin Dongshen predicts World Cup England 2:1 wins Tunisia entertainment fans cited crowd

2018-06-19 10:20. New vision network synthesis TF008

Beijing time on June 19th at 2 o'clock in the morning, 2018 World Cup G group first round, England beat Tunisia 2-1 minutes, eleventh minutes before Kaine gate first shot, thirty-fifth minutes Walker inside the restricted area elbow delivery point, Sassy broke the door, eleventh minutes of Kaine Kaine opened two degrees to kill Tunisia. As early as two weeks ago, Jin Dong attended the event as ambassador of the French Open Area China. In an interview with reporters, he once predicted that the world cup England 2:1 win Tunisia, so that many netizens shouted "become rich and rely on Jin Dong".

Earlier, Jin Dong talked about his world cup in an interview: "too busy to watch the ball now," was once on the court of the "chase boy", the first to see the world cup in 1986... England stars have Beckham, Rooney, Gascoigne... "

The style is not divided, and the fans in the entertainment circle are also few. Today, the world cup is in full swing, and many stars have also shared their own watching experience on the Internet, triggering a wave of watching.

King Eason Chan once played a great skill in public, and he was also a goalkeeper in the reading period. He is also a real fan, and he will definitely not miss the four year world cup. Although the Russian trip is mainly based on work, ordinary fan Eason Chan still watched the opening ceremony. Interestingly, he found that after being snapped, he was more serious. At the same time, many people should remember his song: "someone should take pictures to remember to insert bags".

As early as the World Cup began, Wu Xiubo was on the streets of Moscow and was taken alive by many fans. He also appeared in the opening ceremony of the world cup, and he also carried a flag with the Chinese flag before he went in.

Mr. Tan is a bone ash fan. Although he is over 60 years old, he often appears on the playing field, and is also the captain of the Hongkong football star team. In this Russian World Cup, Alan Tam also watched the opening ceremony with a team of Hongkong football stars, and also had the battle of TAM Chang. They seemed not merely to see the opening ceremony simply.

Besides Eason Chan, Wu Xiubo and Alan Tam, cross talk actor Cao Yunjin also appeared at the opening ceremony, and his handsome dress was also accompanied by the words "here is just beginning".


Source: integrated Phoenix Entertainment

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