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Taiwan poll: Cai Yingwen's support rate does not support the downturn reoccurrence rate rose to 52%.

2018-06-18 19:15 CCTV client TF008

The leaders of the Taiwan region Cai Yingwen since his inauguration, polls continue to decline. The latest polls show Cai Yingwen's reputation reoccurrence downturn, support rate fell to 33%, does not support rate rose to 52%.

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The Cai Yingwen poll support rate fell repeatedly downturn reoccurrence

Polls show that over 20 of adults in Taiwan, 52% of people do not agree with the leadership of Cai Yingwen in Taiwan, and last month, the support rate fell 6.5 percentage points. In addition, Taiwan adult people on the mainland's favorability continued to improve.

The latest poll: on the mainland favorability continued to improve

The latest polls show that 49% of people hold a good impression on the mainland, an increase of 4.4 percentage points higher than last year, truly decreased 3.5 percentage points. This phenomenon at the age of 25-54 young adults, college and above education groups especially, the group has a crush on, the proportion of more than half of all stable.

The Cai Yingwen administration since the ruling, cross-strait relations into a frozen, economic development lags behind, the public support often fall. The comprehensive analysis of recent media poll, most people hope the island is to strengthen cross-strait relations, economic development and education reform in the 3. More than 70% people think Cai authorities two years in office for cross-strait relations deteriorated.


Source: CCTV client

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