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Jingdong 618 years global shopping festival Blueair with your "net" enjoy the summer time

2018-06-15 17:26 network TF010

Once a year the 618 Shopping Festival, buddies shopping enthusiasm as summer temperatures rise.

With the arrival of summer, many people choose to open air cool, but the air conditioning room air circulation, air-conditioning heat sink mold and mites plus many harmful substances and bacteria to enter the body, and even cause the respiratory tract, foot and mouth disease and other diseases. Not only that, many families will choose the whole summer house Hwan new decoration, will inevitably bring difficult problems such as "formaldehyde". This year 618 year global Jingdong Shopping Festival, Blueair to create a surprise courtesy for you, accompany you and your family "net" to enjoy the summer time.

Jingdong 618 Blueair gift "pre" explosion

During the 618 years of Jingdong global shopping festival, Blueair to bring you a surprise price, more intimate gifts to consumers. The popular consumer favorite Blueair Classi new 580i Classic 303+ intelligent air purifier, air purifier, JOY air purifier and other variety of products have been involved in promotions. Now the deposit, which can buy machine super preferential price, and receive a variety of gifts.

It is reported that the Blueair Classic intelligent air purifier has been listed, innovation intelligence, purify double upgrade, reliable selection of clean air, to help you dream the future. 580i intelligent air purification machine intelligent upgrade products, precision whole house air quality monitoring, digital display, at a glance. Purification upgrade, HEPASilent high light multilayer gradual filtering technology, the realization of "three high and one low" purification performance - high CADR, high CCM, high efficiency, low noise, ensure the indoor air fresh and clean.

This product adopts frequency conversion motor, with professional cleaning performance and achieve higher purification efficiency, lower energy consumption, more environmental protection. Not only that, 580i screen upgrade, new tVOC removal function, can effectively remove bacteria, formaldehyde, haze, tVOC solid and gaseous pollutants.

Classic 303+ air purifier love what you love

Blueair Classic classic series model rich 303+ space to meet the demand of 17-30 square meters per hour, can realize the efficient purification performance of 3.5-6 times. Whether you are single, married couples have a baby trendsetter, young families, can be equipped with Classic air purifier for health escort.

Blueair HEPASilent, our product is equipped with multi-layer progressive filtration technology, combined with electronic double adsorption and filtration technology, indoor air pollutants can be quiet and efficient removal of Home Furnishing environment and office space, for the family to provide a safe, healthy, clean indoor environment breathing. Classic classic series of body with environmental protection made of alloy steel, durable, low energy consumption, love you love, to create a comfortable home life.

At the same time, Blueair JOY air purifier has a design trend, as well as from Sweden's professional quality assurance, the realization of "one key control", "one five" and "one core purification", brings the incomparable clean air experience for urban young people in the pursuit of quality of life.

In fact, JOY with a new "2+1 screen" upgrade screen technology -- double HEPASilent filter with a layer of coconut shell activated carbon, compared with ordinary activated carbon filter, the filter of activated carbon on the contact area increased by 7 times, in the quiet operation at the same time, a key to open a full 360 degree air purification. "A core purification" so that JOY has excellent cleaning performance, can remove PM2.5 and four all day long and lasting anti bacteria against formaldehyde, tVOC etc..

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