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Beijing Huang Cun, Changfeng Park staged a 50 m long garbage with smelly garbage "outside the walls

2018-06-09 12:08 beijing evening news TF010

June 9, 2018 - out of the District, while the tour vendors, the other side is the pungent smell of garbage, which makes the Changfeng Park residents are a headache. Genus Rehmannia town government said, the garbage is cleared up, environmental remediation work will also be launched in the near future.

Photo by Zhang Qunchen

Changfeng Park is located in Huangcun Langfa village of Daxing District district is divided into four parts. At the junction of 2 and 3 District, a lot of garbage piled for about 50 meters. Recently, Beijing sustained high temperatures, baked in the hot sun, the road from the east to the West with garbage exudes a pungent smell.

Originally, the road is not wide, only one person can pass, a car parked in the wall of the white car was blocked in the garbage inside. Pedestrians passing by in a continuous line, after all is garbage, take a deep breath, and then cover your mouth and nose, trotted quickly through. Nearby residents suffering, "the weather is so hot, the smell of garbage piled up in the large, not here a summer." However, the reporter also noted that the distance of the rubbish is less than 10 meters where there is a metal trash, absolutely empty inside.

The rubbish is where? Huang Town government staff said, Changfeng Park two and three areas between the garbage would clean up every day, sometimes more than once a day to clean up, clean up the garbage but speed up speed, huge population load and unruly Youshang, led to this small restaurant garbage generated.

Not far away in the three district from Changfeng Park of Chinese Cultural Park South Gate there was a similar situation, a lot of garbage piled on the sidewalk, pedestrians and bike lanes are pushed to the traffic. The town government staff said, recently some villages in the area of environmental remediation.



Source: Beijing evening news Zhang Qunchen

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