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Kim Pingge jintaige closed management week: garbage blocking door owners do not know every day who hinders

2018-05-27 12:12 beijing evening news TF003

May 27, 2018 hearing, the majority of owners should request, Kim Pingge jintaige Simon Community recently started the implementation of closed-end management, it also enabled new access control system, just over a week time. However, the owners found that the home is not to want to smooth access to open the brush so simple. This week, small Simon are often all kinds of debris and garbage blocked the road home poor do not say, the rubbish everywhere, affecting the community environment, also blocked fire exits. The reporter learned from the residential property, the property also has increased inspection efforts to clean up, once found Simon before the garbage, the staff will promptly clean up. The small business committee also prepared to Simon to install monitoring equipment.

The residential garbage blocking the door every day

Electric cars, bicycles, shared garbage, broken glass...... These debris blocked the gold Pingge jintaige small Simon, leading to the owners can not normally enter. This is the reporter saw in the gold Pingge jintaige Simon Community scene yesterday. This area is located in the vicinity of Shijingshan District apple orchard. This is a small commercial housing building, the number is not much, only the gold Pingge jintaige, building two, so the district is the two buildings of the joint name name. In the face of a home will be able to see the debris and rubbish, most upset or owners. Liu said the owners, the property is now cleaned every day it is almost difficult to eliminate this phenomenon. Sometimes, a lot of construction waste on a scrap of electric vehicles, sometimes, a pile of garbage on a bike sharing. Residential property will be cleaned every day, electric cars, bicycle aside, and then clean up rubbish. I have just finished cleaning up, the strange thing is, these sorts of things soon returned. Every morning and evening commute home, see Simon blocked.

Ask who is "behind"?

Ms. Liu said, gold Pingge jintaige district was built in 2003, she is the first batch of small owners, "in fact, the district was originally a guard, because the quality is not good and man-made destruction after the district is in an open state, until a week ago." There is also a residential area next to the District, residents often walk through the district from here. Are generally from Simon into and out from the East gate.

Kim Pingge jintaige other owners told reporters, through them here is nothing more than a. Is a small Simon, a pure water machine, some residents of the demand will come to draw water; the second is that there is a vegetable market area outside the east gate, walking can shorten the journey; the last one, because the gold Pingge jintaige commercial housing, the environment within the district better governance flowers, fragrance, green groups, in addition to the small owners to walk at leisure, here also attracted the next district residents to take a walk.

After considering the safety and living environment and many other factors, the majority of owners should request, 20 this month, gold Pingge jintaige property in the east gate and Simon were installed access control. Now, in addition to the east gate entrance still in the commissioning phase, access control has already put into use simon. The unexpected is, since the new access control is enabled, Simon the door every day will be debris blocked.

Whether these rubbish who is thrown in here? Kim Pingge jintaige owners have been caught. "We work day to work, people throwing garbage if it is midnight over, generally difficult to find." One owner said, although we called the police, and inform the neighborhood, but there is no progress.

The door is blocked leaving a lot of hidden worries

"If the closed area because the inconvenience to other people, some exaggeration. Such as buying and selling food, if you do not walk through the area, can walk 200 meters." Owner Liu said last week, she saw a majority of the owners from Simon, rickety walking in the debris, they particularly worried, for fear of accidents. In addition, these debris blocked fire exits Simon, if there is an emergency, will certainly delay time.

"East gate security, Simon has a security guard, but no one on duty." Some owners think that should be in the security configuration of simon. Residential property said that at present the security staff is not enough, still can not meet this requirement. The property also said that they are currently only to discuss countermeasures, timely detection and timely cleaning. The small business committee said, is considering installing monitoring equipment to obtain evidence for Simon.

Reporter Zhang Qunchen text and photo

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The scenery park district into garbage station

The village is said to coordinate and solve

The newspaper news (reporter Zhang Qunchen) in the community of small park is the distance from the residents recent entertainment good place, however, Tongzhou ping North residents to the area of the park "flinch". About a week ago, garbage piled up more and more small park, and no clear, in the days of high temperature heating, garbage pungent odor, so that residents are intolerable.

This small park is located in the ping North No. 29 floor of the south, which has a fountain, fitness, benches, people had to walk in a continuous line, however, the park of the angle can be really unpleasant mess. Not only the trash was packed, around the whole barrel surrounded by garbage. Almost all these garbage is garbage, peel, toilet paper...... Every day at noon to afternoon, this time the most intense sunshine, garbage emit bursts of odor allow pedestrians to cover their nose and mouth tight.

"The garbage piled up at least a week, no one to clean up." An exercise for the elderly told reporters, after the small park has not seen this kind of situation, a small park next to a row of original shelters, vendors selling vegetables to sell fruit here, although sometimes they will take temporary garbage thrown here, but the garbage piled up all that day will be cleared, not overnight. The old man said, the recent row of simple real clear regulation, thing is a good thing, but these people are not clean up the garbage. The residents had approached the sanitation department, residential property and the village committee, but the parties said not their responsibility.

"We do not clean up, mosquitoes do not say, but also easily lead to infectious diseases." Many residents have said this. A staff residential property, it should be left to the village, for reasons not stated. Reporters from the ping North West territorial general Tun Cun Wei Hui learned that, at present, the village is with the Liyuan Town Government to communicate the matter as soon as possible, garbage removal and clean. Text and photo

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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