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The Global Times editorial: Taiwan "zero diplomatic relations" the day is not far away

2018-05-26 22:36 Global network TF010

May 26, 2018 - the China foreign ministry on Saturday afternoon announced the restoration of diplomatic relations with Burkina faso.

Signature: Oriental IC

Two days ago, Burkina Faso and Taiwan "diplomatic" cloth become this month within second and Taiwan "diplomatic" country fourth "allies since it is Cai Yingwen came to Taiwan". Taiwan cloth or "allies" in the country with the largest population, the population is more than 20 million, land area of 270 thousand square kilometers. In the cloth and Taiwan "diplomatic", Swaziland became the only African allies "".

"Allies" series of "off" to bring the impact of the Taiwan authorities once again to. The cloth and the Taiwan "diplomatic", "foreign minister" Wu Zhaoxie was asked to resign, because he is a "foreign minister" when really too shameful. Cai Yingwen on Thursday issued a statement to enumerate the mainland recently on Taiwan's "diplomatic pressure", said, do show "anxiety and lack of confidence," said it had held "will only make Taiwan partnership with the international community more closely".

The United States was also up to the Taiwan authorities chimed in. In addition to several members: roughly guess attacking the Beijing speech, the U.S. State Department in a pro Taiwan Chinese media email reply that "China is changing the status quo".

There is no doubt that if the Cai Yingwen administration continues to reject the "92 consensus" and a China, "allies" and Taiwan's "diplomatic relations" the tide will continue until the Taiwan "diplomatic" shaved "allies", one is not left.

Cai Yingwen in his statement, his accusations "playing money diplomacy" buy Taiwan "allies", but this type of vent Cai young cynic precisely reflects the experience and the pattern, the Taiwan authorities are stuck in the old age, their performance limits are not stream of live.

Buy "allies", "dollar diplomacy", this is the Taiwan authorities to fight, to prove that he is "state" and the crooked ways doings. Because of this, Taiwan's "allies" is basically a small poor, fully rely on money to maintain diplomatic relations "". Taiwan's "foreign" is not a diplomatic confrontation, but the deformity, is the use of fake and shoddy "diplomatic relations" flaunt their "sovereignty".

Beijing free and competitive power in the world of the establishment of diplomatic relations. All countries in the world and the main countries are Chinese, the allies, which one is to spend money to buy? If and comprehensive cooperation in the overwhelming majority of African countries are voluntary and Chinese, the development of diplomatic relations, then why Beijing to spend money to buy the remaining one or two?

Taiwan authorities just wake up from sleep, wondering what year is tonight. They naively believe that, to use and they spend the same amount of money, and even spend more money to keep the "allies" poach. They don't know, all "allies" Taiwan are considering abandon it, the establishment of diplomatic relations with the mainland Chinese. Because a country not established diplomatic relations with People's Republic of China in this era is eccentric, means self marginalization, the money to Taiwan has been more and more comprehensive for those countries with Chinese, lose no diplomatic relations caused by.

Distributed in 1994 years by Taiwan "silver bullet diplomacy" captured, broke off diplomatic relations with Beijing, Taiwan was about GDP, 42%, today this number is reduced to approximately 4%. Taiwan in Africa up to 11, and the "allies" in the cloth and the "diplomatic relations", its African "allies" only in Swaziland, but you can imagine, Adams will move on Chinese express the idea of development.

Now in the non cooperation of Burkina Faso although Taiwan is like a raging fire, before the "allies", but the annual trade volume, and it is $200 million, trade with Taiwan only $8 million. What is Taiwan and mainland competition!

The Taiwan authorities don't flatter yourself. If it is to continue to promote the "covert independence" policy, then prepared following more "allies" and "off", it becomes zero "allies" that day is not far away.

(original title: editorial: Taiwan "zero diplomatic relations" the day is not far away)


Source: global network

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