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99 museums open free of charge, the Imperial Palace, "riverside 3 on Qingming River" lets the audience immerse in the experience.

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On May 18, 2018, today is the international museum day. To celebrate this special day, 99 museums are open to the public free of charge. According to incomplete statistics, in order to meet the museum day, 93 theme events have been launched in Beijing area Museum recently, including 46 exhibitions, 5 lectures and 42 interactive events.

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Through the "old lane" of the drizzle, "the sun sheep shop" along the "Bian River", the female robe of the wide robe and big sleeves lightly pivoted the strings of the pipa, giving out the sound of Ling Ling. The historical situation in the riverside map of Qingming River has become "accessible" at the high tech interactive art show Qingming Riverside 3, held in the morning in the Imperial Palace. To welcome the museum day, today the Imperial Palace launched 18 wonderful activities at one go. One of the most distinctive features is the high-tech interactive art exhibition "Qingming Riverside 3", which is opened in arrow Pavilion square. The exhibition combines 8K high definition digital interactive technology, 4D dynamic images and other high-tech interactive art, and constructs the immersive experience of human and virtual interweaving and painting in the human. Dan Jixiang, President of the the Imperial Palace Museum, said that the project is still in the trial run stage. After a week, viewers can experience the free booking experience through the the Imperial Palace ticketing website.

"Ming Dynasty orthodox, Jingtai and Tien Shun porcelain kiln Exhibition" also opened today in the East Hall of the the Imperial Palace. The exhibition exhibited 215 pieces of porcelain, including the 100 pieces (Group) unearthed from the northern foot of the Zhushan kiln site in Jingdezhen, 2014, to display the latest archaeological achievements and academic frontiers to the public. The "Yan De Qing breeze" - the exhibition hall of the Imperial Palace in the imperial palace of the the Imperial Palace museum was also opened in the exhibition hall of the Shen Wu gate. More than 140 pieces of imperial inkstones were displayed in the Qing Dynasty.

Today, the second episode of the documentary "new things on the Imperial Palace" is officially released. This documentary is about new things happened in the new year's research protection project. Viewers can watch video sites such as Tencent, Youku and Iqiyi.

In addition, the the Imperial Palace museum also launched the "play the Imperial Palace" small program, to restore the real the Imperial Palace building and service facilities to the mobile phone map, to meet the needs of the audience during the visit. Shan Jixiang also revealed that next month the the Imperial Palace Wenhua Dian calligraphy and painting hall, the South University Library and the Ming and Qing furniture museum will also be unveiled.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Sun Leqi, intern reporter Li Qiyao

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