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99 Beijing Museum is open free the Imperial Palace "Qingming Festival" the audience experience 3.0

2018-05-18 11:54 beijing evening news TF009

May 18, 2018 - today is the international museum day to celebrate this special day today, opening 99 capital museum to the public free of charge. According to incomplete statistics, for the museum, Beijing Museum recently has 93 theme activities carried out in succession, including 46 exhibitions, 5 lectures and 42 interactive activities.

Data figure Xinhua News Agency figure

Through the rain "Gu Xiang", "near the river" River "Sun sheep shop, Kuanpao big sleeves Diva flick the strings, a clear sound...... "Qingming Festival" in the historical context, held in the morning of the Imperial Palace high-tech interactive art exhibition "Qingming Festival" has become within reach 3". For the museum, the Imperial Palace today breath launched 18 wonderful activities. One of the most distinctive is the opening in the arrow Pavilion square interactive art exhibition "Qingming Festival 3", performing fusion 8K Ultra HD digital interactive technology, 4D dynamic imaging and other interactive art, build a virtual reality and intertwined, in the painting and immersion experience. The Imperial Palace museum director Dan Jixiang introduced, the project is still at the stage of trial operation, a week after the audience can through the the Imperial Palace ticketing website free booking experience.

"In the Ming Dynasty, orthodox Jingtai, Tianshun kiln porcelain exhibition" today at the the Imperial Palace Yan Xi palace east side hall opening exhibition featured 215 pieces of porcelain (Group), including 100 for the first time publicly in Jingdezhen in 2014 of the imperial kiln ruins unearthed in Zhushan (Group), aimed at the latest archaeological achievements and academic front display to the public. "Yan de the Imperial Palace Museum breeze Qing Dynasty palace with inkstone exhibition was also held in the exhibition hall shenwumen, exhibited a total of more than 140 pieces of Yan Qing court tibet.

Today, the documentary "the Imperial Palace" in second officially released the new thing. This film tells the story in the new year, occurred in the "Yangxin Temple research protection project" in the new. The audience can watch the Tencent, Iqiyi, Youku and other video sites.

In addition, the the Imperial Palace museum also launched the "the Imperial Palace resort" program, the real the Imperial Palace buildings and the facilities to restore to the mobile phone on the map, the demand to meet the audience during a visit to the the Imperial Palace. Shan Jixiang also revealed that next month the the Imperial Palace Wenhua painting Museum, South library museum will also be the new appearance of the furniture of Ming and Qing dynasties.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Sun Leqi intern reporter Li Qiyao

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