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In the 6 months will be in the bus over the strait for firing "Taiwan independence" elements "still want to resist reunification with"?

2018-05-13 19:39 fair TF008

Oh, Taiwan and bright "muscle"! According to reports, in late May, Taiwan will launch artillery in nine Peng area, early June will be in the bus over the strait for firing.

It is worth mentioning that the Bashi Channel is the people's Liberation Army "area around the island, most often fly over the cruise".

See from this point is not difficult, some are still holding the "Taiwan independence" elements "resist reunification with" no delusion.

The Cai Yingwen Administration for two years, the DPP repeatedly tricks in the military, no one is not cool.

Look at the Cai Yingwen administration since the plays.

"The ship made in china"

In 2016, Cai Yingwen took office soon, said to support the "vessel built domestically" plan.

However, the Taiwan military officials to poured cold water, said not enough money. This point has also been confirmed later.

The last 4 months, the navy is ready to start building new amphibious landing ship ", but 4 before bidding, bids are. The reason is that Taiwan want sleight of hand, demanding, can offer very low.

Two years, originally not how the economy of Taiwan, in the hands of Cai Yingwen more dilapidated. Such a situation, thinking of the military to invest heavily, is tantamount to accelerate the island of bankruptcy.

"Asymmetric warfare"

Last year, Taiwan Defense Department issued a "defense white paper", specially emphasize the so-called "asymmetric warfare", fantasy battle.

A DPP "legislators" even threatened, "a Taiwan soldier brother, will be able to destroy a tank".

So naive, really make people speechless. But even more dumbfounding is still behind.

4 months of this year, a military on the island "brick house" said triumphantly in a TV show in Taiwan, 2015 to 2018 years is the best time to return to the mainland.

Look at this expression host.

However, a few days later, this man was a change, bluntly, to grow faster in the United States are not very dare".

The so-called "asymmetric warfare", as the "brick house", but is a IQ asymmetric joke.

"Military exercises"

Cai governor took office, but also engage in a lot of exercises.

First say a little closer, the middle of last month, after the new China history of the largest marine parade, Cai Yingwen also staged a regatta.

However, only 20 ships, 8 F-16 fighter aircraft, 9 ships and 20 ships in the missile boats. So to show, a perfect interpretation of what is called "Pifu shake the tree ridiculously overrate".

Besides a little further, in July 2016, Taiwan was once a year of the "class readiness drills", mistakenly shot a "carrier killer" Xiongfeng No. three missiles hit a Taiwan fishing vessel (not sunk), causing the ship personnel dead and three injured in the tragedy.

Exercise accidents have had successful performance. In last year's "Taiwan Hanguang exercises" campaign rehearsal, Taiwan Army repulsed Liberation Army victory.

This mysterious and strange deduction even Taiwan retired generals could not stand.

Again, the DPP authorities want to resist reunification ", but they will battle?

Apparently not! The mouth running train, politicians, soldiers, people just want to put Taiwan up front.

However, in what people think? A few days ago, "defense minister" Yan Defa asked, "Department of defense" is the "Taiwan independence" fight "?

Answer: "of course not to Yan Defa without thinking"!

Behind this, a problem is more profound, the army of Taiwan do not know who to fight for".

"Attack", has become a joke; "to defend the independence, but do not meet their intention, because no one is willing to" Taiwan independence "forces and lay down forward.

Under this condition, to wander, to "male three" can hardly be avoided, it is not surprising.

The army of this situation, also let the young people away, no one is willing to serve. Therefore, the Taiwan authorities resorted to the "spice Recruitment" so bad.

In the end, Taiwan is impossible, no strength to fight the "Taiwan independence", the so-called "reunification with force" is empty, is the DPP political gamble.

More importantly, the economic growing in Taiwan need not what the army, but the development opportunity. Some of the people on both sides of a pro, bluff, big words hot, but is a guilty conscience, they are the biggest threat to peace and stability in the Taiwan strait.

Cai governor took office two years, scores of acting too, not fit to be seen, more and more bad. This is also more and more people see a basic fact: "Taiwan independence" a great voice, but the way to zero, who for its hard, became a victim of hundred-percent.


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