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"Facebook fan" Fu Xuebin published "odd" to become Facebook Facebook hook on the "spark" first person

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"The Peking Opera in the learning play big, after actor a sketch, became the artistic image of exaggerated characters on stage, extremely rich connotation, symbol of identity, age, quality, good and evil, good and evil. Light color, there is a lot of symbol: red symbolizes loyalty and justice, such as Guan Yu; the black symbol of Frank reckless, such as Zhang Fei; water white symbolizes the suspicious and cunning, such as Cao Cao; yellow symbolizes the brave unruly, such as Dian Wei; blue symbolizes fortitude and mighty, such as Dolltown; green symbol of stubborn temper, such as Liangshan, Chao Xu Shiying tiger hero offspring......"

Author: Zhang Peng


Fu Xuebin and his works Zhang wind / Photography

Beside the Huguang show floor, accompanied by the melodious music, listening to the 81 year old Mr. Fu Xuebin on Facebook's origin, the memorial pear past, are the quintessence of Chinese culture broad and profound. Mr. Fu is a famous painter, Facebook Beijing opera stage art senior designer, in 1995 by UNESCO awarded the "folk artist" title. He listened to a life drama, painting a lifetime of Facebook, decades fascinated by this, happiness within, although it has been eight years old, still thinking have wide learning and a retentive memory.

Fu old life on Facebook, on Facebook, he collected and drawn more than 1000 Facebook, there is a lot of "cold traditional opera" in the lost face, he worked tirelessly through a variety of channels to find, handed down, people have the opportunity to see these precious artistic image.

1 see more than 6000 scenes in a lifetime

In this life I play more than 6000 games, is no exaggeration." The old Fu a word to the listener surprised, some people may never have seen a traditional drama. It is this more than 6000 scene rendering, Facebook art can be firmly rooted in the old Fu's life."

Speaking of this, old Fu said that it would like to thank the parents, "they not only give me clever memorize mind, gave the opportunity to contact my Peking Opera richly endowed by nature and environment." To say that this unique environment, but also as the old Fu himself said "only a man richly endowed by nature", because Fu Laoyou born in Liyuan family. "My father is Fu Shijun Li Wanchun in something Star Theater, when I was six or seven years old with his father to the front door Dashanlan Qingle, Daqing, Guangde three building a theatre theatre, still remember the year in the spring of Ming Qing Le see social science classes play" Ji Gong biography "" Luoyang Bridge "with" the day river "other details of the play."

The old Fu gleefully chatted read interesting repertoire in childhood, "" sell "in several meter arch guarding the Motianling hook the general appearance, full of strange, one Taiwan; Li Qingchun starred in" Ji Gong biography ", not only humorous, and organ sets and show little film; Rong Chun agency play" the iron crown map "show qingbingruguan team mighty Zhu Ma run, I was impressed. From then on I became hooked on opera, and have a strong interest in the military and hook figures, my primary school age is equivalent to a continuous 6 years of opera art classes."

In 1945, the old Fu's father before the Japanese surrender in the Beijing party organization, by the end of 1948 was betrayed, arrested after being tortured, legs broken, still unyielding. After the liberation, the leg was in plaster's father was sent to the municipal Zhushikou democratic theater when the first manager, also serves as the Department of theater management Beijing City chief, a few years later was transferred to the reconstruction and wide theater, and finally to the auspicious theatre manager to retire. "It gave me to open the theatre and I can see at any time convenient ways, performers play, several students at the time of the four most famous play, I see no leakage. Along with the age and understanding the growth, especially Ma Lianliang, Tan Fuying, Ye Shenglan, read Yuan Shihai, Xiao Changhua, Li Wan cooperation "group by China", Shang Xiaoyun, Xun Huisheng and Ye Shenglan cooperation "and" proud margin, the 50s theatrical circles in Zhongshan Park music hall at the three Taiwan cooperation plays, including Li Heceng, Xi Bo, Chen Shaoshuang, Tan Fuying, Ma Lianliang 5 Yang Silang act four "Lang Tan mu"...... Remember in the "edge" proud Shang Xiaoyun plays the mother Lang Xiayu, Xun Huisheng played the lovely girl Di Yunluan, on stage with only a few words of dialogue, you can copy from rolia. These top artists together singing, the splendid degree as can be imagined, the piece should only be the sky."

Before Mei Baojiu and Fu Xuebin photo.

Speaking of master Mei Lanfang, the old Fu is infinite memory thinking, he had been a "being richly endowed by nature". In the Mei Lanfang company as a stage art soon, master Mei Lanfang in Beijing workers club "Drunken Beauty", his task is to fill in the two floor of a special master Mei face, want to follow closely until the end. "I follow, while close to appreciate the master's performance, he will hand each is lanhuazhi, eyes bright ogle, as goddess avatar, captured the hearts of the audience."

When talking about these stars who play, Fu old familiar, although due to various reasons, only to the junior high school to participate in the work, but the old Fu proudly joked: "if I say that knowledge accumulation, has read a graduate student, no exaggeration." Net ugly characters of various types of active on the stage of the colorful, ever-changing Facebook are deeply printed in the old Fu mind, attracted him to appreciate, search, study and description.

2 Qinnengbuzhuo face painting

As one of the kind of face painting painting, not only requires a lot of Peking Opera is the accumulation of knowledge, also need to hone painting skills. That painting, year old Fu is enviable conditions richly endowed by nature, he is close to famous artists. I was in Beijing in 1958 to work on the painting art company group contacted the disciples of Qi Baishi Wang Zhujiu, Wang Xuetao, Zhang Shanzai, Liu Jiying disciple pupil Hu Shuangan the elder, Martin, Zhu Zhiwu received western advice, there painting expert Wang Guodong and chairman of Tiananmen like stone, and the eight brother, Mr. Weng Ouhong is good at painting and Weng Xiutian. My uncles all day in their work circle, let my art class get catching, so draw up Facebook this pattern of strong work is not difficult."

In 60s, the old Fu transferred to Mei Lanfang company after it officially collect facebook. "Every holiday, I will go to the first figure and the north two reading room, search about Facebook and illustrated the original, read nearly all relevant collections, after gradually enhanced the days and months multiplying, discrimination, read can tell what is the stage of practical spectrum, which is made of a desk."

Facebook is the beauty of the old Fu in the process of research, continue to feel and comprehend, he mentioned a net Hou Xirui hook is a hotshot, Pan Hong. He snagged the special feature of "two strong ramp into the temple, and then use a pen to hover in the upper and lower respectively, although such as ramble walk, like eyebrows tight the lock, Quan Chen tried to portray penetrating embarrassment." There are Deyin Xiao pansidong "hook" in the chicken on Facebook, "with the color of black and white, grey, red and gold has reached 5, vivid effect, orbital coat gold painted wing shape, reminiscent of bifurcation, 5 points of the crest of the forehead, such exaggerated the beautiful."

In fact, in the 1960s and 1970s, many traditional opera masks have been lost, which makes Laoshen sad for fu. He said: "with the single hook predecessors such as Yang Xiaolou, Shang Heyu legend, Wu Sheng both brothers of the same master, have different faces of Monkey King's plays, but even a makeup can not spread in the world. With the changing times, senior artists created the traditional repertoire already lost more than half, and the characters of Facebook are gone, this is undoubtedly a great loss of Peking Opera, also makes scholars after infinite regret."

After the founding of new China, Facebook art hit the bottom, first Chinese opera advocate purification stage, goblins, and fish have banned Facebook kid sketch, after traditional opera was blocked completely by crowning calamity facebook. Until the last century 80's, the traditional drama gradually restored, Facebook to reproduce the stage, which makes Facebook Fu old passion for research more. At that time, he met a rare Facebook, they spared no expense to buy some, the one and only, people do not sell, he will spend money to rent the opposite. "Now, my collection of thousands of pieces of spectrum, many of which are lost in the old play traditional spectral type, this is my home like ants." The old man said proudly.

Fu Xuebin's Facebook stamps

3 Facebook boarded the "spark" and stamps

From the beginning of the last century in 80s, Facebook as Peking opera art is finally derived by the world's attention, more and more people are beginning to appreciate Facebook, this is an important period of development and popularization of art face, old Fu also became the first person to "spark" on facebook. The "Monkey King" and "Water Margin" character of the 10, "Peking Opera clown" includes 120 pieces, beautifully designed, in the social widespread, popular, has been selected into the "Chinese and foreign" and "China Spark Spark album art" album.

Fu old "Peking Opera clown" Facebook is very high praise in the industry, is considered highly collectible, "because the basic contains at the end of the Qing Dynasty legend, Chinese opera fuliancheng and senior school, spring, spring and Rong Ming Beijing opera school class student stage practical face spectrum, can be regarded as the selection of accumulate steadily." After finishing the old Fu according to "100 ugly map" published. Mr. Wang Zengqi for the order, saying "this is a very meaningful work...... Different people, each one. Figure hundreds of ugly man alive. Cunning Han, funny and charming. The king who is taking this as a lesson."

1979 state issued Facebook stamps, stamp company please state the old Fu Fu old Peking Opera stamp design, while the design of "Yao Ji" and "dou" both folders, then the stamp company to seek the views of Yuan Shihai, Mr. Yuan said, the company had a post exception fold printed. The cover design picture is Qiu Shengrong and Zhang Junqiu starred in "Qin Xianglian", has become a classic stamp.

1983 years old, Fu met important leader Mr. Weng Ouhong for his Facebook career, Mr. Wong is a famous writer in opera operas, collection and research, self acting, theatre, opera, Pingju, rehearsals and draw play "six play zhaizhu". He was addicted to love and collect Facebook drawn from Facebook, Mr. Weng Ouhong gave Facebook the definition: "with bright colors, sharp and smooth lines into a face pattern, outlined in the opera characters face, a special means of China opera costume, known as facebook."

"We were Mr. Weng Ouhong's new Repertory Theatre rehearsal, I served as the stage design, need to consult the writer field scenery, meet with Weng teacher talk very speculative, to feel more Facebook topic for margin, after a period of time, should have included Weng door wall." Since then, the old Fu became a disciple of Mr. Weng, to Facebook's more professional and in-depth study, through years of pondering, he concluded: "if the stage picture can see Facebook hook on paper, not only can cause opera lovers Lenovo aftertaste, if not often theater people will also have the aesthetic interest besides the basic functions so that Facebook can on the stage makeup, with its artistic charm out of opera, sublimated into a kind of art, Chinese painting in the forest." Fu old face painting gradually formed its own style.

It is worth mentioning that the old Fu collected many years Mr Weng Ouhong lost nearly 700 loss of Facebook, facebook "Mr. Weng clock vegetarian" and "dual ball room" Rainbow cache is Facebook, Bucky and collector Mr. Kong Yu found and handed down to the picture.

Can let these lost Facebook reproduction world, old Fu paid a lot of hard work, and his collection of Facebook is not limited to the opera, in 1988 the National Opera show, he also got a lot of copy of Hunan local opera spectrum, and edited the book, teacher Weng Ouhong looked very happy, deliberately wrote the preface, he became the inheritance of the old Fu the mantle of people.

In 2000 the old Fu album "odd" Facebook hook publishing, book of the net, ugly, for Facebook 300, old Fu preface, named "hook odd", aims to start from the singular spectrum, a collection of practical senior artists and collectors spectrum collection, based on very extensive, from Weng Ouhong, the collection of Liu Cengfu spectrum of more than 80, more than 10 from the palace of Qing Dynasty painting painting, from "pictorial", "369 Liyan pictorial" old newspapers have found more than 20 pieces, the star with the self. Fu old starting from the unique angle of appreciation, collected a lot of "cold Jing Kun Opera" Facebook, the easy lost spectrum is preserved. This book has also been included in the "Peking Opera" the encyclopedia entries from the history and spread.

The works of Fu Xuebin: "the Milky Way" with lost Facebook

4 Facebook is a living fossil "of Peking opera"

A lifetime obsession with face painting, old Fu in painting techniques still in continuous innovation. In recent years, he has figured out a new idea, "reduction stage sketch of the original color, paint helmet, is used to stimulate the export line to performance, such as the effect of both the sense of melody, and highly decorative means." Peking University master very appreciate this kind of building strong Ancient Chinese Literature Search drawing, Chan said: "Fu Junxuebin is not simplex Facebook, five face, seven face, for the staff appreciation, and have a hat, beard, so that the viewer looks like, in Beijing alone."

The old Fu said, "Facebook art in my heart deep and vivid connotation is mysterious, studying more deeply, more deeply is the inheritance. Therefore, I am finishing drawing Facebook, rigorous attitude, not worth something, never write, all adhere to the goodness measure."

Painting techniques can be innovative, but Facebook has to be realistic, not subjective conjecture, this is the old Fu always adhere to the principle of facial make-up. He said that if we really want to study on Facebook, unearthing the art rules of it, one must be in the "accurate" efforts. He explained that the "accuracy" refers to the Facebook hook in the face of the quasi children, because this is the key to inherit the tradition. For example, he said: "Jin, Hao Shouchen, Shaoshan evident to anyone, Hou Xirui three the role performing arts have reached the peak, including Facebook also have different genres, such as three individual hooks are in the face of Zhang Fei, hook law has its own distinction, if you draw out the difference, how about the tradition?"

So, the old Fu think, face painting not blindly pursue the most probably it did not actually happen, not careless about new in order to be different, that is the most intolerable. "How to draw on how to paint, it is more lower down, go the wrong kind of deformation, taste, it is not inherited, Facebook's fossils have no meaning. I have accumulated, it should follow the predecessors of the teacher education, and traditional, honest, no mutation Facebook continue."

Instead of seeking the source of curiosity, inquiry and not false, always in a realistic manner to express each spectrum "vivid". This is the old Fu a lifetime pursuit, and send him a "facebook fan" nickname, he gladly accepted, can life with Facebook company, the old Fu deeply "fortunately not wasted life". "China Peking Opera with local color and national flavor, on behalf of the China characteristics, should be respected, inherit and develop." The old man said solemnly.

(original title: save Facebook)


Source: Beijing Evening News

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