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With the American girl travel: walking in Dominica

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If you go to the young people of the Republic of Dominica, can feel more young people in the world. Young people in the world where almost all the love to the beach lying in a long time, but would love to eat bad belly in the cheap restaurant to eat barbecue, and then squeeze the night sleeping in the cheap hotel. But to understand a local traditional culture and local customs and practices, or to a person to complete it. You can take a camera, or a painting of the backpack, walking in the sea, can also go early in the morning, in the street to drink coffee and eat breakfast newspaper of the Caribbean old people chat. Sometimes I think that is the real travel.

Author: Wang Houhou


But this time to Dominica, I was with another 4 to the American girl. Laugh all the way again and again, contradictions. Everyone has their own thoughts, also have their own ideas, but also less say. This leads each of us in a restaurant to sit down, there are complaints that it is too expensive, or not what you want. We each go to a place where all people could not help but say: it's better to another place. Fortunately, some of the girls are not fragile, the sun also can go tens of minutes, if the case that in the city to take two steps to a taxi, this trip is estimated to be in pain.

When at home before, our understanding of the Caribbean and South American countries is limited, the book did not introduce much. But here, found that many Spanish speaking countries actually has a very interesting history, and the weather is warm and friendly people. Such as Dominica, the capital of Santo Domingo is I have been to tourist attractions tourists in at least one of Asian tourists is scanty. We stayed at a small hotel in the city, not the kind of seaside GrandResort. Walk the streets are mostly local people, hawkers selling things are not how to speak English, so it is a restaurant waiter. The city still retains the traditional European city planning: a church square, a few main road to the square as the center toward the periphery dispersed, the main road is most restaurants, shops and bars. If from the main road to the next to go, immediately turned into a house. Similar to Puerto Rico houses, houses and apartments here, outside also painted bright paint. The color of the paint is seemingly random chaos in the orderly, very dazzling. In China, I have never seen so many bright intertwined overlay, seemed to Antonio Gaudi Huahuacaocao fantasy world. Green anti-theft guardrail out of pink flowers; purple door with bright yellow walls; red terrace extending from the back of brown and green coconut leaves. Even in the rainy days, everything here is very dazzling.

I saw an old man in the corner of the street selling jewelry, the jewelry that those are cheap machines, because they are placed in white, crooked paper boxes, paper boxes piled on a small table, the old man sat on the desk. Approached only to find that the old man was DIY jewelry, a dish on his leg, there are many blue and pink stone plate, there are some wire. He made jewelry is also very strange, just to get the wire quickly around the stone, will be stuck, and then took the pliers of a show of dazzling action, not 30 seconds to do a pendant. I was fascinated by this scene, these were also exquisite bracelets and necklaces fascinated, more importantly, a kindly old man in the corner of the Caribbean, a commercial street, do not call jewelry, nor soliciting, just laugh. I went over and look at his work. He motioned me out of the wrist, a bracelet to wear on my wrist. That moment, my friend Ann also beside shouted: "pretty good! I also want to!"

Then, we spent the evening in the roadside stall. The old man named Lewis, was originally a mining industry, these stones are collected by him. He makes these jewelry has been for twenty years, every day in the corner of the street sitting leisurely, from morning to night. Other vendors near the cafe staff and the road is his friend, he only shouted, someone will come to to leave the stall he sent.

When it comes to the pedestrian street on the atmosphere, is also interesting. The Dominicans are very enthusiastic and friendly, but I did not experience any bad things like stealing. I accompany a girl to buy cigars go to a regular store, then we started to talk about the night where to eat, where there is a cheap restaurant. The results of a clerk heard, gestures let us wait, and then open the door and rushed outside shouted. A little while later, a middle-aged man dressed in a polo shirt walked in, we go with him. He is actually live in this street retired passers-by, but every day with you here are ripe, are also familiar with the side of the restaurant. He took us to a restaurant, let us see the menu is gone, together we sigh here simple human.

When the last day of the morning, my friend and I usually eat breakfast together through the cafe. Walk through the cafe I suddenly heard someone in Chinese said: "long live Chairman mao!" So I turned my head and saw a white haired old man, he is white, wearing a peaked cap, white plastic chair in front of the cafe to drink coffee. I thought he was called, he smiled and asked him: "this is the only English Chinese would you say?"

"Me?" He used the American English to answer, is estimated to be an American, "not me, he would say Chinese." He get out of the way, I saw him and a man, wearing a top flower Panama hat and dark complexion, is very small, is about more than 60 years old Asian man, is also Chinese?

"Where are you?" He threw back his head with English asked, what is the American english.

"Can you guess?" I said.

"New York?"

"No. I am from Beijing." I said, "you?"

"Oh! Beijing!" He takes a table, slowly said in Mandarin, "the people of Beijing! I come from Guangzhou. However, when I was young I left Chinese, from Hongkong to the United States, has been living in New York."

I am very interested in, go past. He pulled out a chair for me to sit down: "how? What are you doing here?"

"I came to play." I said, "I go to school in the United States, now the spring break, I and the students out."

"Come out and play well." He pursed his lips. He looks like a Chinese, like a local man, "I tell you, i! My father is the Whampoa military academy. Whampoa military academy, you know?"

"I know." I said.

". Also, Guangzhou, sheep! Wuyang city." It seems that he haven't speak Mandarin, every word to a "Wuyang city you heard of it?"

"I know," I said.

"Yangcheng Evening news!" He said. His eyes didn't look at me, but instead as if returned to Guangzhou, "my family all went to Canada, I went to New York."

"What are you doing in New York?" I asked.

"I'm retired now, came to live here. Well, the weather here is small, or. I rent an apartment in this street, 250 dollars a month. In New York, no!"

"What you do when you are in New York?" I am curious to ask.

"I deliver newspapers! Thirty years, the New Times Wall Street what York, Journal, Daily and News are sent......" Then came an old American, he greeted, pulled a chair to sit down next to us.

"The Americans," Chinese old man suddenly said in English, "the Americans are the same. They don't understand us, we have 5000 years of culture. I said! This is! Ignorance!"

He gave a desk. I was shocked to see that the man opposite him, thought what he would say against it, he agrees with nodded: "yes, I totally agree on."

In his explosion, I quietly walked away. Then we passed the coffee shop, he was reading the newspaper there, wearing the flowers in her hat. We have a pedestrian pulling luggage on the stone road zrads zrads through, but he did not hear what. At that time almost noon, the Caribbean sun is very hot, very bright.

(original title: walking in Dominica)


Source: Beijing Evening News

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