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"Songs" from the "Wu Yue" in "spring and Autumn" play piano sing from production tools to hunting the whole

2018-05-09 10:00 beijing evening news TF0328

As everyone knows, China's earliest literary works are ballads of primitive human creation in labor activities, namely the original poetry rhythm is very simple. That is to say, poetry is a means of encouraging labor organization and labor, primitive man, primitive man's dance is to mimic the process of labor, labor movement, sound repeated labor. Its purpose is perhaps training labor skills, summarize the work experience, so as to stimulate tribal members participate in the work of love and passion.

Author: Zhao Qijin

In ancient times, people's thinking and language is very simple, at the time of the Chinese, monosyllabic words, because a word is not a sentence, at least two words can express more clearly or relatively complete meaning. In this way, two words a short sentence, to cooperate with the derived labor movement rhythm, form of poetry is the earliest primitive type. For example, in the "spring and Autumn" and "Wu Yue" only "play piano, broken bamboo, bamboo continued; fly soil by Shinji" eight words, sing out from production tools to the whole process of hunting. From the artistic point of view, this song is very short, the capacity is large, every sentence with a verb, so that the screen full of dynamism, the hunting art performance was very successful. In primitive society, production technology is low, the labor movement is very simple, and the song tempo can very accurately match the unique to the productive labor movement rhythm. According to legend Yaodi when an old man by the creation of "Jirang", is "Jirang" the song: "sunrise, sunset. Drilling and drink, ploughing and food. What's in my Dili!" The first sentence in the four sentence parallelism describing the ancestors of original labor and living conditions. Single sentence and repetitive rhythm, reflects their simple life and peaceful mood; vernacular like lyrics, embodies the characteristics of the original oral literature flourished in nature without modification. The last sentence is very interesting, people praise Yaodi merit, Jirang old has issued such a question: for me, this is now the nature, take full earth life, what is the relationship with Yao merit? Although this sentence make this song in ancient times ballad theme tendency of interpretation is complicated, but also reveals the primitive thinking has problems.

First seen in "historical records" the Bo biography "plucking song" is a song of love and hate, and poetry is the first political talk widely and enjoyably, show, unassuming lyric. In the song "get their Xishan mining the Wei Yi Xi," said board the first Yangshan height plucking their labor, and then the "replace violence with violence do not know its not Xi, Yi, Yi Qi," is that the political standpoint and attitude, also can show the ancestors "poem of Chi, singing the sound of the. Labour not only creates the literature and poetry, even when it may have originated in labor. Tang seal played "Feng Shi Wen Jian Lu" volume six quoted Jin Zhi Yu "New Scientist spectrum etiquette said:" Elegy appeared in the Han Dynasty period, then the labor people work very hard, the song was later used to bury desolately." This also shows that, weeks later, people have expressed a variety of "voice" with the song, which has been described by human voice views and positions.

The first clear theory and complete structure of the system on the song "the song books, Wang Zhuo Biji" volume one "song" article said: "heaven and earth, and the life of people who did not have it, so the mind, this song also." The author from the universe philosophy and the dualism of subject and object, look at the source of literary production, namely "the beginning of indefinite sound, because of the sense of rhythm and song, from the." Then in the sense of history; Song Perspective Investigation of the origin and development, evolution, the word history in dynamic logic way sketched out: "since the Sui Dynasty cover, this song was called to Tang Xing, Shaosheng. This is the sound of her fan outs, uncountable. Ancient song into ancient Yuefu, ancient Yuefu into this song, this is the one." After cleaning the art form of evolution: "so you are a poem, a poem is a song, the song has a rhythm, a rhythm, songs, permanent words poetry, poetry and songs in non. This is the first set of syllables, words from the system, the inverted Shen yi." Finally, affirmed the social function of poetry, and made positive comments on the role of music in the purification of the mind: "poetry for moving heaven and earth, gods and spirits, shift customs, why? Is the sowing songs, the effect also." "The couple, a filial piety, thick ethics, beauty education, customs transfer."

Another "51" in the past, we should "sing" the festival, it is because of the great work. Human beings from the ancient "sunrise and sunset" along the way, all the way to the science and technology and the rapid development of information today, labor and people do. Poetry because of labor and health, we have what reason not singing?

(original title: "Songs" from work)


Source: Beijing Evening News

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