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Half half like famous painter: Chef Chang had to eat small wonton sad tears

2018-05-08 10:05 beijing evening news TF0328

The ancients said: the gentleman far paochu. The founder of the lofty disdain of literati often talk about eating, think it is mundane, who heard Yan Zhenqing talk about Wen Tianxiang to eat, drink, Fu Lei said that how to drink? Only Lu Xun and Xu Guangping seem to love, posing as a big drinker, feign anger red, white female students playful laugh, anti knot a marriage. Scholars believe that eating is about trifles, but lost it not worth bothering about, one of the pleasures of life.

Author: Zhou Wenzhao

Zhang Daqian cook

Confucius in the "Shao" Wen Qi, absorbed. So the meat is delicious, "very fussy about food." The teacher's diet, so he attaches great importance to the daily diet, not taboo he is a layman. Su Dongpo love is a name, not only cook, also wrote numerous poems of delicacy, talented and interesting; Lu You's poetry is not only off the ice, there are "heaven for Sutuo, hanging to know not easy with Scallion noodles, also wrote more than 100 poems of cooking. Zhang Dai, Li Yu, Yuan Mei, and Shen San white, needless to say, the delicacy and seasonal health together, write descriptive poetry, for posterity envy. "The Golden Lotus", "dream of Red Mansions" in eat is coveted, they must have a multitude of names, and Cao Xueqin are also gourmet; Liang Shiqiu "elegant homes to eat" is regarded as a monograph, Ms. Taiwan can operate the "cookbook"; contemporary Wang Zengqi will write local snacks in front of the beautiful, such as.

People like painting in numerous, the most famous, not only paint well, high artistic attainments, more like the character, never ", and will eat Scholars scorn each other." as the highest art of life, no one in their right. No, he is beauty, love art, love the delicacy "Sichuan" Zhang Daqian, an interesting person at all times and in all countries.

It is said that he is very fond of Wuxi small wonton, do it at the party Zhaolin disciple. In 50s, Zhang Daqian lived in Brazil in St Paul, there is a mistake of the other party to write letters that are Zhaolin, to his "garden", very happy, and later found wrong, can not eat small wonton, sad to cry. The true nature of love to eat Yueranzhishang, remarkable.

Zhang Daqian believes that cooking and painting, and art. A good cook is an artist.

Lin Yutang in "the art of life" in this paper the Cook: "our life is not in God's hands, but in the hands of the cook. Therefore, Chinese gentleman mistreat their cook, because it took the power of the cook stating their life enjoyment."

Zhang Daqian is for his cook, even personally cooking demonstration, Professor of delicacy, and pointing out the cook to learn calligraphy, improve their artistic level. In Taiwan the chef Xu Minqi once said: "Chang treats me as a family, we almost every meal dinner. Because he is so gourmet dishes will direct my comments, and recommendations for improvement. He treated me as his best art student, I spend more time teaching calligraphy."

Zhang Daqian said: if a person doesn't appreciate the delicacy, and where to learn art?

Zhang Daqian's eldest daughter Zhang Xinrui said: "from my father's, in addition to painting and calligraphy, like homemade delicacy, the footprints all over the world, as well as delicious food."

Zhang Daqian himself was doing the dishes do?

He said that "in artistic terms, I'm good at cooking, more in the painting above".

This is the claim, or the truth?

Listen to the contemporary human judgment glimpse.

Xu Beihong said "can Chang Shu Wei, Xing intoxicated talk into the kitchen for dinner guests, often." It is said that Zhang Daqian is good at sichuan.

Xie Zhiliu once recalled: "these small technology is a wide and cooking guest enthusiasm, often close into the kitchen to serve the guest...... The "hot and sour fish soup 'penxiangpubi delicious to let people smell salivation, unforgettable." "Hot and sour soup that should belong to Sichuan flavor.

Li Shunhua was in Brazil "garden" with Chang learned many skills, said the Cook: "Daqian zhigenzhidi," I thought. His cooking work the most, because I love to eat."

Zhang Daqian has a seal: "mountain wind hall kitchen". Mountain mountain, in the kitchen, said, refers to the free wind.

Zhang Daqian hospitality, friends, is often The house is full of guests. Meet the guest, then handwritten fresh one, even cook. The meal will eat single gift guests, is a unique gift.

The guests of these single food are very popular, often the treasure. 1981 Zhang Daqian dinner in Taipei Zhang Xueliang and his wife, 82 year old still cook. Zhang Xueliang in the house has not yet ended, it left to the kitchen open a fresh one, then mounting rolls, rear blank, invited Chang inscription in pictures. Zhang Daqian painted the Chinese cabbage and radish and other vegetables on top, and chanting: "Luo Fu begat the mustard sun, the long ring fishy meat. God sat the Qingxudong dirty house, which Xu * sheep foot garden." Light and beauty "".

During the period of Zhang Daqian in Taiwan from 1977 to 1979, Xu Minqi served as his personal chef, he saved a number of Zhang Daqian's food, dishes and cooking specific written above, even at the dinner guests guests Name. Which plays an important role in the study of Zhang Daqian and his friends like.

The taste of the young Zhang Daqian is quite heavy, partial to Sichuan's delicious spicy, like lion head, taste Braised pork in brown sauce, North Mongolia barbecue, Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion like old age, diet tends to fade. He often eat fruits and vegetables will be drawn on paper, such as cherry, loquat, persimmon, mushroom, carrot, asparagus, broccoli and fresh wild herbs, beautiful fragrance, not to lose Wang Zengqi, Lu Wenfu's words to bring people's imagination. This is his daily table.

A painter, successfully converted to the table on the table, this is Zhang Daqian's unique humor and earthly fireworks.

(original title: Zhang Daqian: half, half of the painter)


Source: Beijing Evening News

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