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To explore the profound thinking: where is Liu Mingjiu's "friends dialogue" charm

2018-05-08 10:05 beijing evening news TF0328

In recent years, the dialogue and full of vitality, the advantages of this theme is to the author in the form of interviews of cultural celebrities, experts, media convergence of domestic and international the most representative of the top and so on, starting time and society, talk about ideals, talk about life, art, literary creation and in-depth, the author to explore the heart, deep thought.

Author: Wang Xinchuan

Figure for the portrait of Rousseau

In addition to Platon, Rousseau, Gerd, the famous dialogue book has far-reaching influence, and Nobel prize winner Mo Yan, the famous writer Wang Meng, can influence profound memories into your life, how much I can make nothing of it. Can the Central Compilation Press published "Liu Mingjiu:" friends dialogue is such a profound and full of philosophical dialogue, reading immediately and get your attention, cause your heart, pleasure, thinking, inspiration reading mind and spirit to enable the reader to tremor.

Mr Liu Mingjiu is already recognized China's foreign literature research leader, a famous theorist and researcher, essayist, translator, has made remarkable achievements, but he was not in the dazzling halo comfortably enjoy the illness, never give up, never waver, not because of the disease problems and this silence, like a volcano eruption of hot lava, a trend which cannot be halted. Why is it so? I think, truly elegant figure, it has made great achievements in the dress after artificial, vulgar and naturally can show every act and every move over the noble taste, in his words "for a humanities bookshelf, regardless of is 85 years old and ill, writing in a step by step to do, just to give. They leave a little more sparkling boutique. "He is most proud of, since embarked on the road of creation...... Know everything can only rely on his efforts to make painstaking efforts, diligently."

I was in the "wisdom and the spark of thought:" Liu Ming nine: friends dialogue > will be published in an article published "sigh, the dialogue is a heavy book. Mr sudden cerebral infarction a person lying in the room, but fortunately the rescue in time saved a life, symptoms improved slightly has not yet recovered, but support a little bit, a little bit slow to put them. He is like the West West non-stop work, "the process of life into a work process" is more like being locked up Plo Michel J, firm faith, fulfilling his promise: "the investment of life, even if only a special acoustic echo, which constitute the meaning of existence!" such a book to the author, not easily won, the reader isn't a heavy precious spiritual wealth?

Mr. Liu Mingjiu often said: "the reader is god." The quality and influence of a work, but also to the reader to check. Frankly speaking, from the perspective of the readers, with different professional art critics appreciation and unique perspective, can more truly reflect the reading comprehension.

Read "Liu Mingjiu:" friends dialogue, can realize the whole dialogue with "self review record" style, wisdom, humor, ridicule, deep, elegant, free and easy, this book should be regarded as "self recorded" companion review or sequel, in the book can be seen in the figure of Rousseau closely with consistent. Mr. Liu Mingjiu in the dialogues themselves as "Europeanization" and the "native", the tone of ridicule and humor, but a metaphor is very appropriate, from traditional Chinese culture, higher education accepted the "western" humanistic essence, French Enlightenment and humanistic values deeply embedded in his heart, "I'm going to take my life to the truth" is the pursuit of Rousseau, Mr. Liu Mingjiu is also the pursuit of their own life.

The dialogue has many characters, famous experts and scholars of foreign literature, a well-known media reporters, but also ordinary readers, broadly representative and inclusive. The question they are very professional and sharp and straightforward, while Mr Liu Mingjiu's answer some concise and comprehensive, full of wisdom; some sharp eyes, Dongruguanhuo; some were very frank; some work in just ways, wanton ocean, philosophy deep; some cool water, such as with the wind. In fact, in the early 80s, during Mr. Liu Mingjiu engaged in academic exchanges in France, had visited the French literary masters, one of the main results after returning to the formation of his hometown is published in the "Paris" dialogue, the dialogue was published in a sensation industry considerable impact so far, but then Liu Mingjiu Mr role is the question, and the answer is.

(original title: Liu Mingjiu's "friends dialogue" attraction ")


Source: Beijing Evening News

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