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The Opera plays a day in Shanghai Shi Yihong even played "Mei upper-top Xunzi" four Mingxi

2018-05-08 10:05 beijing evening news TF0328

Labor Day this year, the opera can be said to be fully deserve the "Shi Yihong model". From 1:30 in the afternoon she played to 4 points, from 7:15 in the evening to play more than 10 points, Kunming mess block, sing ReadDo dance well-educated and trained in military exercises, even play "Mei upper-top Xunzi four Mingdan" four "Su San his" masterpiece "Zhaojun ChuSai" "Jin" slave "spring dream"; finally Encore plus sing a masterpiece "Mu Guiying command". More than 3000 people together in the audience, and Shi Yihong through the various schools, each story, the characters, fully play addiction.

Author: Wang Run

Shi Yihong interpretation of the Mei school "Su San his"

Shanghai Grand Theatre auditorium can accommodate 1600 people, usually rare opera dare such a big theater. On May 1st, starting at noon there were fans dressed up to the theater full of festive atmosphere. There are many fans came from all over the country, and specially came from overseas audience. There are some fans but not the audience, "Mei upper-top Xunzi" first attracted them, all want to see how even play four Shi Yihong Mingxi, interpretation of the four schools.

At 1:30 in the afternoon, the show started. No pad play, the play starts directly. First, the Mei school "Su San his" Shi Yihong play in this work, not difficult for her. The beauty is that she did not choose "Drunken Beauty" and other works to highlight the "Farewell to My Concubine" meipai charming and elegant, but chose a prisoner prostitute figure, let people see the noble and dignified Yi Mei school -- joy not frustrated total loss, whether rich or poor is not affected, as exudes a soft pearl general blorich guanghua.

Most viewers enjoy, is a 71 year old old Peking Opera artist Xiao Runnian and Shi Yihong tacit understanding. That year, Xiao Runnian's grandfather, a generation of "Ya ugly" giant Xiao Changhua and Mr. Mei Lanfang had worked for decades in the "Su San his". Today, Xiao Runnian plays the worship of justice, inherited his grandfather Wen Chou characteristics of "the dichotomy of Qi, a sophisticated, seven kind, character plump, progressive, old circle to, humor, and Shi Yihong played a little Su 31 old, a harmonic of a village, you come to me." Lin, let the audience applause and laughter after another.

After the afternoon, two very good lead a person to endless aftertastes at 7:15 in the evening, the Shanghai Grand Theatre to play again. The audience is still in large numbers, most even see two fans, but there are a lot of outside come to ticket etc..

And Shi Yihong together to challenge the "Jin Xun slave", and the famous opera performing artist Cai Zhengren and opera clown Jin Xihua, two senior year with 77 year old, 46 year old Shi Yihong, three people together whole 200 years old, but show a happy youth. Not only Shi Yihong break road show, played live, generous kindness and tender and lovely little girl 16 years old Jin Yunu; 77 year old Cai Zhengren is no longer "Liu Mengmei by the chic Peony Pavilion", or "Palace" in the Tang Dynasty romantic affection, but the snow on the streets begging at night but lonely scholar Mo ji. Especially when he took the hands of the slave jade bowl, gudonggudong drink fermented soybean milk, and conscientiously licking the chopsticks and the bowl bottom, the vivid and exquisite interesting, even as Jin Song Jin Xihua could not help but is now linked to ridicule, "it is an empty bowl", but the "Yu faction Xiaosheng workmanship is good!"

Most of the fans attention and look forward to, is the last school's "spring dream" by the playwright Jin Zhongsun Cheng Yanqiu tailored process, in which a "dream", Cheng Yanqiu invited the Kunqu Opera master Yu Zhenfei co creation, sleeves flying, rounders scheduling, Beijing Kunming blend. This is a play feel the greatest pressure Shi Yihong, she put the most effort and energy, collected all the drama of the image data as much as possible, repeated research Mr. Cheng Yanqiu left audio data, and visit the teacher, not only to the wife of Li Qianghua Yu Zhenfei your teacher, and the teacher asked Sun Yuanxi to row figure, before and after school half a year later, is almost one or two times a day.

That night, I saw twenty minutes ago, or skipping exquisite naive little girl, became an instant full of melancholy of the boudoir woman, this poor bone indefinite River, is still the love's dream "conception, interpretation, and soft touching plaintive innumerable twists and turns. In particular, a Shimeng and her husband Zhang again, she again contains love and worry, for her husband's comfort and joy, with jiaochen, and full of endless yearning, let the audience completely immersed in the role, and forget the one sent.

Hongkong actor Liza Wang and his wife Law Ka Ying, even see the afternoon and evening of four show, after the end of the show, also specially to visit Shi Yihong background. Law Ka Ying wrote on micro-blog: "in May 1st, the Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shi Yihong appreciate the teacher's performance, and two, traditional opera, plum, still, and Xunzi's history! Very comfortable, the traditional band, clean stage, bright lights, every action, the eye is watching an actor's eyes, listening to the free, subtle and full of singing. The thing that weak with bold action, with the identity of Zhaojun, Su three that sad eyes, elegant figure, is the best Labor Day program."

A famous translator, playwright Li Jianming was not the fans, Shi Yihong's performance was very moved, she said: "Shi Yihong chose 4 ZheZiXi Mei upper-top Xunzi, created 4 fate and class have different women, the tragedy of the women have a very firm and determined the inner strength, let me cry, let me move."

(original title: Shi Yihong in a day "Mei Shang Cheng Xun")


Source: Beijing Evening News

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