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Huang Yongsong founded the "Chinese sound" into China main position has summed up the traditional process named "Chinese node"

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For traditional craft enthusiasts, "Chinese sound" magazine is an important source of knowledge, but also a ruler, even if the long production cycle are also worth waiting for. "Chinese sound" or "good signal, to understand the" sound "of the Chinese people, the name represents the grade of similar. "Chinese sound" was originally English magazine, in 1971 in Taiwan area was founded, to introduce readers to the foreign traditional craft China. After a few years, the economy is booming, more and more people have forgotten the profound cultural implication of the traditional technology and Chinese. Thus, "Chinese sound" off English magazine, do Chinese magazine, to Chinese Chinese the traditional processing technology were introduced.

Reporter: Yuan Xinyu

Photograph: page screenshot

In April 28th this year, "Chinese sound" won the annual design award for special contribution in the first China design power list, one of the founders of Huang Yongsong to receive the award. In conversation with the old man, can feel his love for the traditional process of sincere, also can experience him to design the ardent expectations of China.

2018 China design power list Huang Yongsong photo studio shot the scene Li Ouwen photo

Draw inspiration from the basic necessities of life.

The 75 year old Huang Yongsong all white hair, the hair is also high, looks hale and hearty. To shake hands with him, can feel from the thin hand from the temperature and power. When he walked Chinese design power list awards site security doors, from the waist to pick the iconic pockets on the conveyor belt. Close after can see, this pocket is very old, the corner, some wear. Huang Yongsong said, the pockets of his belongings, go with.

Forty-seven years, Huang Yongsong spent on the run, because he is a traditional folk craft, record Chinese culture magazine "Chinese sound" founder and current chief planner. The monthly 30 days, 10 days, 10 days in Beijing Huang Yongsong in Taipei, processing and editing business, the rest 10 days to run across the country in search of folk cultural heritage. Sometimes he will attend some activities with interested in Chinese culture or explore Chinese taste people share some design concepts and ideas, the present design is so Chinese power list.

In the design of Chinese power list awards, "Chinese sound" won the special contribution award for design. The word is a good summary of the "Chinese sound" characteristics: nearly half a century in China continued running, built Chinese gene treasure of traditional folk culture, local culture design Chinese continues to search the traditional beauty and self-confidence of the source, the principle of "design for the majority of the people" concept, promote the national industry from the "manufacturing" to "create".

The ceremony, Huang Yongsong wore blue Duijin gown, with the color of loose trousers and shoes grey fur. He told reporters that this is very comfortable to wear. The traditional style of clothing may be hard to accept the influx of young people, but for him, really suitable and comfortable. As a representative of "Chinese sound", Huang Yongsong reveals the cultural Chinese leaching of moist gas. This field is reflected in his gentle tone, and clear thinking and articulate, and make him look like an old man, perhaps this is the in-depth field for decades for his gift.

"Chinese sound" magazine is an important battlefield of love Chinese traditional art groups, the creation of more than 40 years the magazine has always insisted on deep into the field interviews, shooting, must find the artisans and craftsmen, the process of making a complete record of the down. It also makes the "Chinese sound" the production and distribution process particularly long. For so many years, the magazine published only 100 period. This did not affect the attractiveness of the magazine had a reader, because the bookstore "Chinese sound" and recognized the bookstore; Chinese readers will spend more sound than the original two times the price of miss ".

At the beginning, "Chinese sound" is a book for foreign readers English magazine, called "ECHO of Things Chinese" (Chinese effect "of the echo"). One of the founders of the Wu Meiyun returned back to Taiwan, see Huang Yongsong as art director after the movie will find he want to do a newspaper. "My first reaction is" I can't do the newspaper "." Huang Yongsong recalled that more than 40 years ago, in his view is "so far" events. At the Taiwan folk newspaper, Wu Meiyun wanted to do a magazine, Huang Yongsong's answer is still "I won't". However, at Wu Meiyun's insistence, persuasion, Huang Yongsong agreed, and Wu Meiyun's "do it", has evolved into the "Chinese sound" used since the objective of "learning by doing".

Journal of the earliest inspiration comes from topic Huang Yongsong told a section of Wu Meiyun's childhood memories. When I was young, mother let Huang Yongsong stepped on and pickles, naughty children always stepped on and ran away, and then was the mother back to step on. It is such a vivid childhood memories and the basic necessities of life originated in the local people impressed Wu Meiyun, also let the "Chinese sound" to find their own way: the performance of the contents by field investigation and pictures, text and new techniques, the Chinese culture to the world.

In 1978, Taiwan economic growth, the city high-rise building projects, the faster pace of life changed, culture tends to fast food, people more and more indifferent. Thus, "Chinese sound" to create a good cultural atmosphere to ease the contradictions and problems in social development. But the method English magazine directly converted into Chinese is not feasible because English version was originally intended to balance the western culture, the cultural Chinese transverse to foreigners; Chinese version of "Chinese sound" is to let Chinese recognize the meaning of our precious cultural heritage, is the essence of the longitudinal, cohesion and. Like the traditional culture scholar Yu Dagang told Huang Yongsong that "to do a belly". Because the traditional "like head, is the modern feet, the present situation is the traditional left behind, feet ran forward, is a lack of belly broken, you have to make a belly, put them together". The "ECHO" was renamed "Chinese sound", the meaning of "Han day sound natori".

"The Ming Dynasty scholar Wang Gen has put forward" people daily that way 'point of view." Huang Yongsong told reporters. Over the past forty years, "Chinese sound" also insisted on extracting the culture from life's original appearance in. They adhere to the "Chinese collection" "traditional" and "folk" and "living" technology, and record every skill like wisps of silk, embroidered a common life contains the ancient culture, but also shows clear cultural antecedents.

Go to villages to save the endangered skill

More than forty years, "Chinese sound" collected and recorded many traditional handicraft steps will survive the national voice. Many years ago published "Fujian Tulou" recorded by the magical buildings built of rammed earth. This book is "Chinese sound" team with Mr. Huang Hanmin (famous architectural researchers) to Fujian Tulou field survey records, records of the characteristics, types and the Tulou residents will also be forty-six earthen plane, elevation, section, view and real unfolding; in 2006 by the Peking University press in China the publication of the "Cao Xueqin map", "Yan kite bar Cao Xueqin Yan kite bar Kao Gong Zhi" two book is "Chinese sound" to Cao Xueqin's "north and South China kite Kao Gong Zhi" a book as the basis for editing publishing, making method to explain the various types of kite song tactic mode.

In 2004, Taipei Huishan clay figurine exhibition"

"Huishan clay figurines" record called Jiangnan folk art at the Huishan clay figurine. "Yu Xianglian and Wang Nanxian invited two master craftsman Chinese sound" and Southeast University art school, six years of teaching 300 pieces of Huishan clay figurines, presents the technology and culture. Published in 2007 three "Meixian village" tells the story of Guangdong Meixian three traditional Hakka village story. There are many preserved round dragon house, is the study of Hakka residential representative settlements. This book "Chinese sound" is a survey of local building three villages round dragon house. With the village, home to discuss the mapping and interviews, detailed records of Meixian Wai long estates development, and presents the Hakka clan concept change.

For the "Chinese sound", what they do is not only more records retained by exploring many skills. "Jiaxie" is the voice of Han explore and skill record retention. "Jiaxie" dyeing process is a carved plate printing, "Tang Yu Lin" record: Tang Xuanzong, the palace female officer Liu Jie Yu sister do Jiaxie Jinxian, by the emperor's imperial palace to praise, because of". Today, there are still the Tang Dynasty made Jiaxie screen in Japan shosoin preservation. In the Song Dynasty, the rulers had twice banned Jiaxie process to "commoner must" on the grounds, the process resulting in the Central Plains region is interrupted, this process is actually in the area of Galerkin reservations, in 80s, Yingxian County also unearthed the Jiaxie namo like Shakya Muni. At the same time, a learned art scholar Zhang Zhejiang has a blue calico printed with a splint technique, then saw the Japanese collectors of the printing plate "100 graph", just know this is a long thought lost in the folk art, has quietly continued for hundreds of years., and had to understand all of this art ideas. At this point, "Chinese sound" found Zhang Daoyi, puts forward to want to Zhejiang interview, and taking this as the starting point, making the "Chinese cloth series", in addition to "Jiaxie", including "blue calico", "color printing", "hand woven cloth" and "tie" and other books.

"Chinese sound" along the "100 graph" to find a clue to the case of the 8 Dai village, see here was still engaged in Jiaxie production of Chen Kangsuan and Xue Xunlang, and recorded the overall production process and process them. As the "Chinese sound" people sigh this dyeing method to produce blue "quiet, generous, and determined to make good reports, let more people know the skill of magic, a few words of Xue Xunlang is like a bolt from the blue hit all general:" this is the last one Jiaxie, again do not do." Originally, the downstream no longer need such patterns that the printing and dyeing cloth, with the hand spun cloth dyeing has been exhausted, Chen Xue duo decided not to dyeing jiaxie.

Through the centralized feudal society pressure ban, in favor of the folk craft heritage Millennium silently will disappear in front, this is the "Chinese sound" difficult to accept. Shocked, "Chinese sound" thinking method to save the endangered handicraft in the wave of modernization, in the era of upheaval. In order to retain this art, "Chinese sound" asked dyehouses master Xue Xunlang, Ranfang need more orders to maintain. Finally, "Chinese sound" subscription one thousand Jiaxie technology to produce the "100 graph on". Fortunately, with the "Jiaxie" has aroused the attention from all walks of life to Jiaxie skills and concerns, let eight Dai Cun seems to have become the last bastion of Jiaxie, Jiaxie skills can be retained.

The folk art of weaving is summarized as "China"

Huang Yongsong led the "Chinese sound" made Guizhou homespun topics, collecting batik cloth in Guizhou throughout the exhibition, to the city residents. When the data collection is completed, Huang Yongsong learned that there is a bamboo wooden knife wax ancient techniques, using bamboo wax dipping to paint patterns on the cloth. During the interview, "Chinese sound" that Yao area is still in use of this technology, then go to the local search. After the interview, want to buy a piece of this craft to produce cloth, in order to enrich the exhibition exhibits. The local guide said no problem, soon to get a piece of product to Huang Yongsong.

When good money to go, suddenly a wrinkled old woman rushed up, and very flexible, took away the cloth. With said that this is his more than 100 year old grandmother. Huang Yongsong thought that the old woman is not willing to sell, they decided not to take a person love, go to the car. Wait a moment, go over, the old woman behind him. With that old lady agreed to sell Huang Yongsong. Originally, the old lady just cut to two a harmless part of the finished product, stay. Huang Yongsong puzzled, to accompany the grandmother said: "I give you the body, the soul to leave."

"I stood on the spot, not just moved, and hit a bar. For today's greedy material city people, why are we taking money can buy, this makes me very shocked." Huang Yongsong summed up in a share in. Guizhou batik patterns with local living things seen in close contact, people expressed hope for peaceful life. Each piece of batik cloth to a simmer, there is no pattern. So every piece of batik is the one and only. This is not hard to understand why, in the eyes of the centenarians, with the life of batik cloth has the soul "".

Part of carrying a craft into the "soul" of history, in Huang Yongsong's view, "yesterday is history today, yesterday's experience can be used for reference for tomorrow", he also repeatedly talked about a person's history is his grandpa and dad. Carrying the history skills, may not use temporarily, but the hidden wisdom is indeed worth learning: "some skills may not use temporarily, will be lost, and my job is to try to write down these skills and thoughtful. In fact, there are many ancient wisdom today without the use of. Modern people should be more understanding of our history and culture, in order to have the details." Huang Yongsong said in the past, people often use bamboo furniture, especially literati loved the character of bamboo, but some people think it is not put in good taste, or that its strength is not enough, so long. But in the technology change rapidly today, the modified bamboo can be used as a new material of sufficient strength, "a tree grows may take ten years, but a bamboo only need a month will be able to grow". Retention of bamboo culture, bamboo as the main material for the new furniture offers the possibility.

Han Sheng published "China knot" series

If the bamboo culture is somewhat abstract and difficult to touch it, Huang Yongsong is committed to record, promote China knot culture is today known to every family. Since the beginning of the seventies of the last century, Huang Yongsong will learn from the old folk in the knitting and finishing techniques, after learning, he will be summarized into the folk knitting art ten basic knot, 14 kinds of changes, and named it "China knot", published "Chinese knot" series. Since then, the "Chinese knot" popular in the world, become a symbol of traditional culture China. Huang Yongsong said that the China node is a symbol of the most representative Chinese character. In many cases, China nodes are not eye-catching characters, but in the place with just perfect. Huang Yongsong said: "Chinese junction with a line when taping, straight, symmetrical represents constancy, but keep correct. The charm of the traction Chinese own mood, this is the so-called "charm"."

"Culture should slow down"

Su Shi of the Song Dynasty: "cloud technology into the road." "Chinese sound" dedicated to finding the culture Chinese traditional art, it is looking for the "technique" on the road "". The "Tao" in Huang Yongsong's eyes is actually a road to the history, but also the future development direction. Learn from the traditional aesthetic art, it is also the meaning of the design of his heart. Huang Yongsong told reporters that the mother is actually a family of "designer" to design the family members of the basic necessities of life. "Chinese sound" had published "Loess Plateau -- mother's art", detailing the type of paper-cut, performance techniques, theme and composition. And the Loess Plateau in Northern Shaanxi cave nineteen of the old lady's paper-cut works. In addition, "Chinese sound" in cooperation with the government in Ningbo has opened day Cicheng, on display in the "mother of the art" as the theme of weaving, dyeing, embroidery, clothing and other traditional crafts. The charm of the slow life with beauty, is the pursuit of Huang Yongsong and the "sound" of the Han dynasty.

"Chinese sound" published in 2018 "big dog" cover, Huang Yongsong told reporters that the Spring Festival is the most important traditional Chinese, is the epitome of Chinese lifestyle. The sound of these years will be published every year in the spring of the New Year paintings collection, is interesting, so many years did not have been repeated, visible Chinese traditional culture of feng.

Now the increasingly fast pace of life, people seem to enjoy fast interactive information, but Huang Yongsong did not think so, he said: "what is enjoyment? Just enjoy the comfortable body." In his view, help life convenient and fast machine tools only, and cannot be used tools. Huang Yongsong said: "the modern people chase fashion but do not understand the beauty. Life is too fast, fast no taste." So he thought life should be in a broader dimension to slow down, the product designers to guide the life, make life a little slower. Huang Yongsong gave a very vivid example, he asked the reporter, Tang why beauty? Then he smiled and answered, because many poets in the Tang Dynasty is to travel the world, their journey is slow. It is in a boat drifting leisurely on the Tang Dynasty was the most beautiful poem sing out. This is the journey, for their life experience slowly and fermentation process. Huang Yongsong said slowly, so the culture should slow down, the only way to faster.

Huang Yongsong once said at the event, we use a few minutes after browsing "Chinese sound" cover, but with their forty years of time. This more than 40 years, is actually the "Chinese sound" people make up the blank in practice, from the early "no reason", now the government support under the background of the traditional culture and living culture to explore, Huang Yongsong laments: "what we do is contribution to our own blessings." What is gratifying, "Chinese sound" now more and more young workers, "90" and the practice of the "00" have, Huang Yongsong said: "young people should participate in the arrangement."

1971 has 47 years, Huang Yongsong's "Chinese sound" career continues. The reporter wanted to interview "Chinese sound" of the main editor, but they recently was busy finishing the latest collection results and for publication, the interview also had to be "Chinese sound" new print. Indeed, associated with the "Chinese sound" are not quick, never.

(original title: "Chinese sound" voice)


Source: Beijing Evening News

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