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Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council issued a stern warning: the exercise is aimed at "Taiwan independence"

2018-04-25 21:05 Beijing daily public No. TF010

April 25, 2018 news, recently, the people's Liberation Army event again and again, there are a handful of people anxious and fearful in Taiwan area.

Not long ago, the Navy launched the Taiwan Strait waters live fire exercises, "cruise fighters continuous around the island, Liaoning ship fleet also appeared in the eastern waters of Taiwan to Chinese full of pride. Look at the people's home, the new Taiwan defense department heads Yan Defa seems a little anxious, fists of Taiwan military officers threatened the people's Liberation Army "under the water, water, air, no matter where you come from, we have been!"

Navy military exercises around Taiwan, the forces of "Taiwan independence" has been speculation the intention. The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council today held a press conference, spokesman Ma Xiaoguang gives a clear response:

The PLA military exercise message is very clear, we have a strong will, confidence and ability, to thwart any forms of secessionist attempts and acts to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. If the "Taiwan independence" forces continue to fling, we will take further action.

Be further asked whether the use of force at the time, Ma Xiaoguang said, we have the greatest sincerity and utmost efforts, the pursuit of peaceful reunification, but we will never allow the Taiwan independence forces to split Taiwan from Chinese.

Two words, to "Taiwan independence" ultimatum! Moreover, the Taiwan Affairs Office is also a clear target, the main responsibility:

Ma Xiaoguang said that cross-strait relations and Taiwan situation because of the reason as everyone knows, tends to be severe and complicated, this responsibility is the DPP cross-strait policy, is the "Taiwan independence" forces rampant separatist activities.

Ma Xiaoguang said that the PLA military exercise is aimed at "Taiwan independence" separatist forces and their words and deeds, in order to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity, maintain peace and stability in cross-strait relations, but also to safeguard the common interests of the compatriots on both sides. The DPP authorities refused to recognize the "92 consensus", do not agree with the two sides belong to one China, undermining the political basis for peaceful development of cross-strait relations, indulge secessionist activities, that is to change the status quo.

These days, a small portion of the "Taiwan area of independence is not break, even emotional excitement:

  • "Premier" Laiqing "in Taiwan province and think it is not normal, so ordered the authorities to" zero waste, budget administration";
  • The day before the establishment of the "Hi Island League" called next April referendum on independence, let Taiwan become a normal country";
  • Taiwan authorities to have academic exchanges, university grounds, blocking the tube min served as president of National Taiwan University;
  • The Taiwan Department of Finance issued a notice on the mainland 5 steel products for anti-dumping and countervailing investigation;
  • "The Taiwan foundation for democracy" run to the United States poll, claimed more than 70% young people in Taiwan is willing to "Taiwan independence"......


These tricks are.

Lai Qingde, out and out the "Taiwan independence" needless to say, he even claimed to be "pragmatic Taiwan workers". "Wang Bao" "United Daily News" and the media have reproduced the "Global Times" editorial, suggested the use of "criminal law" and "anti Secession Law", criminal investigation, crime of Lai Qingde in court to split the country, and then make a judgment.

In fact, the "Taiwan independence" elements are very active, reflecting their bad situation.

Beijing daily (ID:Beijing_Daily) described earlier, the World Health Assembly (WHA) 5 months will be held in Geneva, Taiwan has not yet received an invitation. Last year, WHA first declined the invitation to Taiwan, the end of Taiwan for 8 consecutive years of history of the participants.

Taiwan Foreign Affairs Department official Xu Peiyong will throw this result to the mainland, and said "the situation is really not optimistic".

However, the mainland can not back the pot!

2009 and 2016, in a Chinese principle, in recognition of the "1992 consensus" and the background of the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, through consultations between the two sides, Taiwan to participate in the world health assembly. Turning that occurred in the nodes of the Democratic Progressive Party came to power on.

As Ma Xiaoguang today said, "what is not only natural", only "artificial alone".

"Taiwan Competitiveness Forum" to the people of Taiwan "national identity" survey from 2013, the day before the survey released shows that more than half of the people of Taiwan Chinese identity is the identity of the Chinese nation, and the proportion in more than 86%, more than 6 percent of the people in Taiwan believe that the future of cross-strait unification, more than 65% people that the peaceful reunification of Taiwan is the most favorable.

Taiwan, is an undoubted. "A number of measures" to promote cross-strait economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between the release of the day before the release of the show sincerity, "the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on guidance" to support Hainan comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up more to the Hainan and Taiwan cooperation provides a rare opportunity, which is only a microcosm of Hui Taiwan policy.

The Taiwan authorities are still doing unrealistic dreams, the so-called "Chinese exercises", the United States Marines guard on vian enough.

So to speak,

"No way out,

Resist reunification with no way out,

Expect more of foreign forces have no way out......

As Ma Xiaoguang said, we are confident, have the ability to maintain the overall situation of cross-strait relations, grasp the future development direction of cross-strait relations, cross-strait relations to defeat all provocative behavior!



Source: Beijing daily public No.

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