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The United States Marines into the island Trump up Cai Yingwen's dream of independence?

2018-04-24 17:45 Beijing daily. TF010

April 24, 2018 - the American Institute in Taiwan Museum was opened in June this year, but some people can't wait. Recently, the American Institute in Taiwan Taipei office director Yang Sudi wrote to Taiwan media, a new museum will be stationed again clamoring for US Marines vian thing.

Taiwan any form of official and military ties, are in violation of a "Chinese" and the principle of the three Sino US joint communiques. At present, the Marines will be stationed in the really is inconclusive, but some people are the bow and scrape flunkyism accentuates.

Cheer exposed the Cai Yingwen administration's luck. They want to hold American thighs, in the interests of the game between China and the United States, as the "Taiwan independence" for a slim chance of survival.

But as everyone knows, the "Taiwan independence" never had the slightest chance at all, a China principle and there is no room for compromise. In Taiwan, China have stick to the bottom line, there is no shake force. By the fact that the Taiwan authorities of the United States a little movement banner, described as "naive and fearless".

Step back and say, even the U.S. Marines stationed in Taiwan, will be able to prop up the "governor Cai" Taiwan independence dream?

No matter how "to" governor Cai "player" as everyone knows, Taiwan is just a small piece of the United States, called upon to play, the key moment will flatly abandon. But though Cai Yingwen was repeatedly put dove, American Dad thought it hurts the most is their own, and even to Taiwan and Beijing to the United States fantasy direct admission each stroke.

For example, this year 3 month, Trump signed for us Taiwan high-level visits the deregulation of the "Taiwan travel law". Cai Yingwen shouted "the United States is the authorities transported with joy, the most important ally" and "good partners", a good grateful for.

Taiwan military to grab the first incense, invitation U.S. active duty generals Taiwan exchanges. But please please, the United States will decline, not below.

To stand in the island itself, "governor Cai misleading" under more bad days. Not to mention the other, "love power" and "panic buying toilet paper" has been making people laugh. But more so, the more Cai Yingwen think uncle Sam for urgent rush to the rescue. Therefore, the United States just sprinkle a few cheap sugar, even a few pieces of paper, the authorities overwhelmed with joy.

However, the United States really reliable? Now, he did not have the strength.

Don't know if Cai Yingwen still remember two years ago, the story of the face.

2016 years 12 months, has just been appointed president Trump and Cai Yingwen on the phone. The Taiwan authorities xibuzijin when the United States was still firmly abide by the statement: a China policy.

After more than 4 months, Cai Yingwen has publicly said, "do not rule out the conversation with Trump again". Who Chengxiang, Trump refused to directly, because "not to trigger and Chinese relationship problems".

He stressed the importance of Sino US relations, adhere to the "one China" policy, while also playing a Taiwan, Taiwan's love of cheesy routines, the clumsy trick that is America's weakness.

Especially in the China rise, international discourse and enhance Sino US gradually narrowing the gap between the facts in front of the "Taiwan card" do not want to play can play, the United States must consider all the hands and feet, to avoid the risk. From this point of view, Trump refused to Cai Yingwen, it is normal to choose after the end strength of the weigh.

However, most of the time, the United States refused to recognize the reality, also from time to time to make a fantasy edge ball, chewing the "chicken ribs" Taiwan independence "". It is tasteless, is nothing more than trying some of the "Taiwan independence", by China Chinese molecular balance interference internal affairs and China challenge. This and the "Taiwan independence", is not to the point of dreams, will eventually empty.

The last fair and Chinese Jun in the United States minister Li Kexin a statement to remind people of some

The United States warships arrived in Kaohsiung the day is our pla force unification of Taiwan.

A Chinese "no shake, some in the United States to" Taiwan independence "elements of the coerced fire, that is death.



Source: Beijing daily.

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