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Beijing Liuliqiao South Road, piles of garbage "out" wall of this wasteland who cares?

2018-04-16 11:06 beijing evening news TF010

April 16, 2018 - the West Third Ring Road, Liuliqiao subway station and Liuliqiao passenger transport hub on the south side, poly Lily Garden District on the north side, a piece of tens of thousands of square meters of open space, which is a high withered grass, the wall near the southeast side of the line, piles of garbage, garbage is higher than the wall.

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Time: 12:45 on April 13, 2018

Location: Metro Line 10 Liuliqiao station D exit

Reporters came to the Liuliqiao Metro Line No. 10, from the D port, along the road, a hundred meters away is a person to a high wall, I saw piles of rubbish out of the wall to wall: "see is a foam box, mattress, sofa, wooden box, various pieces of waste plastic bags and packaging...... Looked from the inside wall, the wall is a large open space, open space is the withered grass. Several old trees have thrown a bud. Open on the south side along the wall there are a few short room, in front of the accumulation of every kind of waste.

Reporters came to the south side of the Liuliqiao wall along the open road, there is a restaurant at the west end, there is a gap in the fence on the east side of the restaurant, the gap with the door, there is a truck at the gate, the truck is stacked with all kinds of waste, the truck inside the sidewalk also piled up a lot of waste, and people are coming to buy scrap.

Resident Mr. Zhang told reporters that since 2009 he entered the poly Lily Garden District, the wasteland there. Later in the Near East imperceptibly wasteland where the wall began to someone littering, garbage is also more and more big, this year is coming out. "In the summer time, wasteland is one of the high grass, and in particular, garbage odor walls can't stop, and go to the subway road, really no way!" Mr. Zhang said that the street is the Liuliqiao long-distance bus station, Beijing is also the window, and is on the ring side, especially hope that someone can manage.

Comment: why in the end shortage? In the end who is responsible? A shortage of the land is not the make it so dirty? City management should pay attention to the "shortage", must not let them become the city environment "pain points".



Source: Beijing evening news Sun Ying

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