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Beijing Botanical Garden: into the fairy tale world tulip flowers covered with drawing spring picture

2018-04-13 11:25 beijing evening news TF009

April 13, 2018 - went to the Beijing people once a year a hundred flowers contend in beauty spring, have fun outing flowers, definitely not the Beijing botanical garden is the most famous destination. With the arrival of April, the Beijing botanical garden has entered the most beautiful season in a year, more than 100 kinds of flowers form a colorful eye-catching visual feast, smell, people travel, as if into flower fairy tale world. Here is a delicate design and Artificial Flower Pavilion, and wildflower hillside with wild nature, as if into a three-dimensional "secret garden" in the picture.

The first thing I recommend is located in the science museum on the west side of the tulip exhibition, there are more than 130 varieties of tulips have been open, now is the best viewing period. The flower shaped singular, rich color palette, like God falling into the world. This year the exhibition design inspiration is from the book "secret garden", building a sea of flowers with fantastic flowers and bright colors.

Look carefully, the spread of the branches, Ye Man, bridge, butterfly like a tulip with drawing spring picture. Exhibition in the viewing platform is an ideal place to enjoy the scenery, to the platform, all kinds of flowers have a panoramic view of magnificent. Unlike elsewhere tulips tulips scenic botanical garden, pay more attention to the collocation and the surrounding landscape. Inside the area terrain, making tulip flowers more dynamic, like a tide rushes to the flowers. Surrounded by tall poplars, beautiful peach, gorgeous tulips with each other, the entire area looks like a three-dimensional "secret garden".

The staff told me that here the tulip flower variety, like some others such as lily, peony, and like a rose. Some special varieties such as red, yellow, and the impression of the dark night queen, complex color parrot can be here to watch. At the same time, Narcissus, Fritillaria, ornamental onions, saffron, grape hyacinth etc. with their people to enjoy the endless charm of bulbous flowers.

Besides the tulips, peach blossom in April is very beautiful. In the botanical garden Bristol Taoyuan area, more than 60 varieties of nearly million peach trees continue to open. Peach is Chinese traditional flowers, Beijing botanical garden is home to appreciate peach garden can be the most species. The weeping peach, peach, red peach, red color with gold peach, monochrome, color, color and other complex peach shaped flower variety plant here for all to see.

Want to enjoy nature in swaying wildflowers landscape? I recommend going to the Cherry Valley, which is located in the northwest side of Beijing botanical garden, is a natural reserve in Beijing area. In the lush trees, a variety of wild plants grown on both sides of the hill, Cherry Valley in the Ming Dynasty because the groove is planted cherry named Mao, spring is the cherry blossom season in the hair, a hair along the road ahead, from time to time in front of the cherry. Need to remind you that in addition to the flowers outside the largest area here in Beijing area and Metasequoia forest, fir forest area every day from 9 a.m. to 10 point start spray system. Cherry ditch and some famous cultural landscape, the yuan at the end of the gem, Inoue Matsu, tells the story of a dream of Red Mansions "in" wood and stone "story.

I also learned that 4 months late, Beijing botanical garden peony entered the viewing period. In the peony garden, nine color four lines, the peony Goods are available in all varieties. There is a traditional peony Jiapin Yao Huang, Wei Zi exhibition in Europe and the United States, Japan, there are many varieties of peony. The Golden Peony, peony, peony and green black rare in other places to see the peony varieties can be found here. Clivia boutique exhibition, perennial exhibition greenhouse in the tropical garden, tree garden, dove tree fringed Ma Guamu also in this period show the color of spring.

GO tips

Beijing botanical garden at a time when the thirtieth session of the Beijing Peach Blossom Festival (March 24, 2018 to May 1st), the ticket price for adult tickets 10 yuan / person, the student ticket 5 yuan / person, other ticket price according to the policy of normal execution. Beijing botanical garden has opened direct admission card, admission card, save the time queuing at the ticket. The Peach Blossom Festival during the 4 month 14 days, 15 days, 21 days, 22 days, 29 days, 30 days, 5 1 August 12 garden peak day will implement measures to hold time tour the park park ticket of tourists, the tourists in the morning to please the ticket before 10, after 2 pm admission 10 PM to 14 PM during the tour, the ticket is invalid.

Travel routes recommended 360, 318 road to the Beijing Botanical Garden Station (North 150 meters); 563, 331, 112, 505 road express to Beijing botanical garden gate station (that is to take the road on the north side); west of the line to the subway station to get off the botanical garden (North Road).


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Meng Huan

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