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The dialogue history scholar Zhang Hongjie: writing of history books is the chef

2018-03-09 16:30 beijing evening news TF010

"I used to learn finance, do not love the history of college before, but when the University Libraries always have a book, I will have a great impact on people's University's Qingshi original director, now director of the Editorial Committee of Qing Dai Yi teacher, he wrote" Qian Longdi era "and is my history books."

Author: Chen Mengxi

The real emperor rarely drink

Weekly book township: you have been in Lecture Room about "success" and "Qianlong, published a book" the hungry spirit, this book also wrote so many times of Qianlong, the emperor, what attracted you to write?

Zhang Hongjie: I used to learn finance, do not love the history of college before, but when the University Libraries always have a book, I will have a great impact on people's University's Qingshi original director, now director of the Editorial Committee of Qing Dai Yi teacher, he wrote "Qian Longdi era" and I the history book. Actually, we finished the middle school history education, accept is the emperor's boss, the chief representative of the landlord class, but the teacher wrote in Dai Yi is a particularly rich person

Book Township weekly: in this book the emperor compared to life, do you think he is a lucky, lucky man, why?

Zhang Hongjie: my personal understanding of the early Qianlong, he is a man full of youthful spirit, positive and promising, political initiatives are reasonable, the negative factors of his entire political rule in late. We say that the fate of each person is different, he was chosen as the crown prince, when Emperor of this road is very smooth, of course, it also has a relationship with his personal qualities. I wrote historical figures, his good place is good, bad is bad. I think history is complex, I will give each side of Qianlong's show, the Qianlong's political rule, especially the late show negative things.

Book magazine: why Xiang in the title to "the three words of politics, love and character" out? You wrote on his love, and concluded that an important turning point in his ruling style is related to his love, can be said to have affected his political character and love life.

Zhang Hongjie and his wife: Qianlong Xiaoxian queen love story, I was very moved after reading. He told the Queen's deep soul, he told the Queen's deep soul, in China ancient emperors, feelings can achieve such a little, so love is an important part of the book. I wrote the historical figures, focus on the analysis of the formation and development of his character and evolution. Qian Long the most important change occurred in the elderly when he was 70 years old, before which he is diligent, the whole country to screw tight, many things are lax after this, one is the old people body function as before, state of mind. On the other hand the people of the great that is not like before, but muddle along, close your eyes. At that time Chinese community spirit is decided by the ruler of a person's spirit, he up, the whole country is up, he relaxed, the whole country is slack.

Book Township weekly: in the eyes of modern people, probably is the most familiar with the Emperor Qianlong in Chinese ancient emperors, everyone can say a few stories of Emperor Qianlong, which bring what effect your writing will be?

Zhang Hongjie: I want to put my thoughts on history as much as possible to the reader. The traditional rule of Qianlong China use of resources to one extreme, he is an extremely clever person, but also good at reading history, so he is a master of traditional Chinese experience a rule, he took the threat of imperial power are eliminated, can be said to have reached the peak of the rule of man. But even so, also did not restore the Qing Dynasty to the decline in his rule later proved Chinese reality, the traditional social system is very limited, especially under the background of globalization started, we have to open up horizons, to extract more resources to the whole human civilization. You mention the backward said is the Daoguang emperor emperor Xianfeng, the responsibility, but carefully histories will find that relationship between the Opium War and the emperor is very close.

Book Township weekly: film and television works in Qian Long's popular image, this image will make the misunderstanding of the true history of Qian Long?

Zhang Hongjie: we actually have a lot of prejudice to the Qianlong, a big reason is that we often see him on TV, there is always be playing around, and Shen is Taiping emperor feeling, but also drink every day casual and elegant bearing, poetry. In fact, the real emperor is different. Emperor Qian Long is a scheming very deep, very talented and balanced, the real Qian Long rarely drink, only where necessary to drink a little. Although relatively late to indulge his harem, but in his early for imperial management is very strict. "Princess", "bronze teeth Ji Xiaolan" those TV show and real Qianlong contrast is very big.

Zeng Guofan earned money

The book you Xiang weekly: "the Ming Dynasty the 7 faces" is about the history of the Ming Dynasty, you also wrote "Zeng Guofan's front and side" "hungry" "spirit" to sit in the world and many other works about Qing Dynasty as the main object. Why writing objects from the Ming Qing turn?

Zhang Hongjie: I write is not planning, which wrote which thought "Seven Faces" of Ming Dynasty did not want to write a book, several characters of the Ming Dynasty is of interest, is an article to write down. I also wrote Qin Shihuang, Wang Mang, et al. I am very arbitrary, which people feel interesting to read a lot of information. I write about Zeng Guofan the most, "3" ID front and side Zeng Guofan has just finished, probably after the Spring Festival will, my doctoral thesis was also published, called "Zeng Guofan" the reckoning, write his personal economic balance, then I will write a book "Zeng Guofan biography". I began to write from Zeng Guofan has been 20 years now, feel now still has a lot to dig.

Book magazine: "Zeng Guofan Xiang reckoning" this topic is quite interesting.

Zhang Hongjie: my point of view is Zeng Guofan's income and expenditure, Zeng Guofan is a representative figure, he entered officialdom through the imperial examination, officials from the stem, the equivalent of today's deputy director, the last official to do the biggest, life to the full experienced low in three stages, which he did in again as local officials, his experience is more representative. I want to know the financial situation China ancient officials through him, because no one had ever done research in this area. See how much money he earned Zeng Guofan in this life, what is his salary, which is his gray income, he that how the money is spent, he is how the level of basic necessities of life, what is the level of his gifts, he did not give other institutions through bribery. This is my research content, hope Yinxiaojianda, see the whole operation China social status.

Weekly book township: Mr. Tang Haoming wrote three volumes of Zeng Guofan's novels, his book, what is the impact on you?

Zhang Hongjie: I feel what I write and write Tang teachers can form a complementary, he wrote is a literary genre of fiction. He has compiled the complete works of Zeng Guofan, he is very familiar with the historical data, the novel is very rigorous. My book is in the process of writing to the Tang teacher read, he encouraged me very much, so I told Miss Tang about Zeng Guofan more exchanges, I often encounter problems to ask him.

Book Township weekly: sometimes we are accustomed to "the Ming and Qing Dynasties" together, but the emperor of the Ming Dynasty, a stupid incompetent all sorts of strange things to say to emerge in an endless stream, the Qing Dynasty emperor of quality and ability is much higher than that of the Ming Dynasty, can be said to be a world of difference. Two dynasties from the temperament completely different, how do you see?

Zhang Hongjie: This is mainly because the Ming Dynasty of Prince's upbringing and the Qing Dynasty is not the same, although Zhu Yuanzhang's ancestors developed very well, but later on heir education generally not firmly grasped all the formality. There are several princes ten years old still did not go to school, read books, such as Ming Wuzong, when the emperor did not know how many words. So the emperors of the Ming Dynasty culture as the Qing dynasty. But some of the provisions of the Zhu Yuanzhang Emperor gave great restraint to the emperor, not willing to assume their responsibilities, but desperately to escape, the character is also very strange. In contrast, the Qing Dynasty emperor at four or five in the morning to get up, today's children as well as summer vacation, the Qing Dynasty Prince no summer vacation, there is no rest on Saturday, time is very short, all subjects are very tight grasp. So the Qing Dynasty emperors although ability, but the attitude is very diligent. The Ming Dynasty Qing Dynasty as so many non reliable emperor.

Don't make history when writing science

Book Township weekly: your style of writing is not fiction, nor prose, which also mixed reportage, psychological analysis of style of writing, you write is "historical essay" what they think about what a "hybridity" so instead create a unique style of writing, what do you think of yourself the way of writing?

Zhang Hongjie: I have some history and writers are not the same, I was a born youth literature, just give a lot of pure literature magazine cast off version of the "harvest", such as "October", "contemporary" "Zijin Mountain", to a certain extent, the exercise of my writing literary feelings. In addition I was transformed from a history buff into researchers, I care about the feelings of the readers, the book conveys to the reader what the idea is after things, first reading to be happy, is worthy of the reader, so I'm writing is also thought to spend more.

Weekly: you book township is a historical scholar, is art school, but the language and words are very novel, history comes from people's experience, but was hanging beam, in your opinion, what caused the estrangement history and the public?

Zhang Hongjie: now we study history is not as liberal arts, science becomes like way, requires extracting researchers feelings, as do the experiment, to analyze the various data and facts. But now requires scholars to publish papers in different journals at all levels, the theory of cultural thinking with ordinary readers form a gap. For example, do the study of history is cattle, they will think of how to keep a good cow, fat, and writing of history books is to study how to cook this dish delicious, so you have to let the cattle people to cook, can not do.

Book weekly: you are the general Xiang writer eight hundred years "documentary" Chu, this period of history because of war or other factors are prone to a schedule or Gudzafflheng, for such materials are not sufficient in the history, what will you do?

Zhang Hongjie: I wrote "Chu eight hundred years" is because the contrast before I wrote a history of the Qin Dynasty and ancient Greece Chinese. We may now be very difficult to understand when the spring and autumn of ancient life and mental state. China poetry typical aristocratic society when the spring and autumn, the West in the Middle Ages was a noble aristocratic society, social rules are very similar, such as the knight spirit in the presence of a large number of spring and autumn and Warring states. The key is to find a point to people's spiritual world, a lot of things good understanding. Chinese history and the western history a great difference, we China unified aristocratic society after Qin Shihuang disappeared, while the Western aristocratic society lasted for a long time, which has a great effect on their spirit in today's society, we aristocratic society to end, impact on our China today spirit is also great.

Weekly: whether the book township will use unofficial history and folk history in your writing?

Zhang Hongjie: I will be on historical scrutiny, actually history are not necessarily reliable, unofficial history are not necessarily unreliable. History is mainly left things inspired by the imperial imperial power, the unofficial history is handed down folk things, there are a lot of unofficial history very superficial, gossip, not reliable, there are also some left side of a large number of real. Or to conduct a screening and weighing, to choose the real reliable, rather than to shape your characters useful. I write the history of literature although relatively strong, but the basic starting point is the truth. The truth is the most basic standard, if not true, even if the plot is useful, can not be used.

Book Township weekly: you said the history of history is very interesting, actually very fun, how are you, from the multitude of historical data to find "interesting" characters, "fun" event?

Zhang Hongjie: I don't have to write a person with prejudice. In the past a lot of writing, or a person as a God, or take him as a ghost, I hope I can put myself to think about his point of view, hold a common heart, then leave these materials, there may be some different found. A historical figure of the life, may eighty percent things are not worth writing, the remaining five percent special flash, there are five percent special dark, I hope to be able to put them into our ordinary people can understand, can communicate with people.

"Xiang weekly": now popular writing history became a craze, uneven quality of the market a large number of such publications, for the reader how to distinguish such works on the market quality?

Zhang Hongjie: I will watch some, such as Wu Si teacher's "unspoken rule", "xuechoudinglv", recently read some of Yi Zhongtian's "Yi Zhongtian" in Chinese history. Now the history books in particular, different historical works also has its effect, such as "Ming Dynasty those things" popularity will form a strong effect, so that more people are interested in the history of the Ming Dynasty, more and more into the history. In fact, not the depth of work, it is important to reflect the values of the works is healthy, still obsessed with psychology and the power worship. Now there are a lot of popular history books light deeply negative factors Chinese history, rather than positive factors, this is quite a terrible thing.



Source: Beijing Evening News

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