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The book "Youyang miscellany" read a Book: early spring time

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In the new year in the past, the elderly in the past, everyone was thin in the past, began to have a thick.

Author: Tang Shijie (novelist)

Tang Zhang said "Qinzhou" said: "the old staying-up late on new year's Eve tonight, tomorrow is new year. Careful with the bucket handle, at the spring back to the northeast." New year's Eve, a meal face is a full table of food, in fact, there is an invisible dish, is the oldest family. The oldest of the night, virtually, a lot of blood blood Zhiyi like secret, as the flowers generally open quietly, expect some secret feelings of love, in the seemingly emaciated branch Qiu, with little green, the continuation of life legend.

Think of the legendary, because years ago received a new Chinese Mr. "Li Guowen Youyangzazu commentary < >", the thick layers of a book cover, dark blue, look if the midnight sky, vast and deep. For a long time not to see Mr., was invited to Beijing friends greetings, and also a new picture, see Mr. still hale and hearty, choose joy.

"Youyang miscellany" complex content, volume thirty, written all the popular stories of Tang Dynasty had heard, figures from the emperor saisuke literati, Taoist monks to the poor scholar more numerous, small tradesmen and porters, including Tang social life, culture and arts, customs, anecdotes, literati anecdotes and so on, is the social life of the Tang Dynasty the encyclopedia; although mostly fragments of narrative, is a typical one in the notes down. Chinese is the novel we, in turn, "archaeological" "Tang" "song", people are scared. I'm not surprised. Remember the last century at the beginning of 80s, in time in Mr. Yangfangdian along the room, saw Mr. early in the railway construction site, in a narrow domain such as material import billing, with neat font, written several books reading notes. That said, only a period of time, "Red Mansion", "Three Kingdoms" he read many times, made a few big notes. The other asked Mr. only smiled but did not reply. This time Mr leaned in the other room I have been also much more spacious study commentary "Youyang miscellany", that is not the same mood. That is to let the "Youyang miscellany" out of academic research can make people put forward, also back?

Every new year, probably will see much more, to go back to see yesterday, and less. In fact, after slowly read, so thick that big this time, there is joy, often in tears. Want to go with his eyes, looking at the sky, see the boundless sky seems only piece. I said, years of mountains and rivers, snow filled in WeChat, how to look back at those days, and deep in the good and pain? Over a year, then look back more than a mountain. Immediately a friend and said, certainly more than a piece of scenery.

Author Li Guowen

The time to the past, even a piece of a section of which is not to be chewed, and the taste of it? Its taste or light, or sweet, occasionally a little astringent like weeds. So without chewing swallowed, the leisurely calm, if you haven't read hastily and without thinking, chewing a true taste, it is bitter to slip away, life - the true meaning of life, often the first is a hard word, bitter is sweet, end to see the creation.

Read know, sir at the age of 86, when the Book Commentary - consuming giant. Lu Xun in the "Outline History" Chinese comments said, "each" Youyang miscellany "has a problem, it will retreat." Chinese Mr. said: "because the secret, so obscure, so curious." Some people argue that, "Youyang miscellany" of the Tang Dynasty social life, customs and cultural description, in a commentary on the Chinese Mr. Tang Dynasty's imagination and description are very great, interesting, mysterious and magnificent. In my opinion, Mr. in popular discourse, the ancient theory today, sharp and thorough way, but often people in the carefree than meditation.

Remember early won this book, carefully read, section one, section one, see all of life ruins, the ruins of the time. Always do classics commentary, is a complicated work in exploring, by Li Jin, in the mind jumps off the dust of history, deep flavor and taste of the fun. Read it and think it seems even earthly life, there are a lot of things, but also "secluded" or "secret", occasionally pick up a few pieces out about, is not only fun, very interesting.

For example, when young is quite seriously for staying-up late on new year's Eve, the first made a vow, to how to stay up until dawn. To have a little older, just a little staying-up late on new year's Eve ceremony. The children went home after midnight, quiet, and worthy of thought who share the life of pleasure and pain, a second and then pass it? No one around, alone and to invite the afterlife together pour life bar. But occasionally the sound of fireworks, or whether people easily awakened. Time has been zero. After all this time, the shuttle sunward arrow, just starting from a new starting point, as in the past, when you find it already away in silence, you will become a concern as people stabbed.

Communication era, new year thanks to the message of spring surge, including the usual or not too many acquaintances, out of courtesy, then need to reply. Not to mention the decades have not met friends, I found a way to contact you from where, so a greeting, through time and space to get the door of mountains and rivers, almost helpless, didn't know what to say it -- like suddenly faced with an unheard of, in the depths of time legendary. As some of the past, it is to be written into the book of heterogeneous. The Ming Dynasty Wu Congxian saying goes: "life may sound 2: one, Castle Peak, said a friend." That it was my heart.

With the old classmates talk about youth, across the imaginary snow drifting profusely and disorderly fancied, previously again how poor youth, also conceal its sentimental gorgeous, but she said, speaking for the sake of that magnificent, we have endured much pain, or some wet eyes.

The familiar hometown alleys, or have the snow? So many years in the past, the clean footprints, such as life, not have been reincarnated, many flowers come out. My life in the snow, the bigger, is the top for many years, the head of the mountain, I always go to far away, looking back in the hometown of Yan Yan is still.

From the debauch place, friends at midnight call, came a thick wine, joy, pain and dark feelings, together with. Now the world is really small, as if he was next to me, never leave. I said, life poured a cup of wine per me, I never drank, no matter for one day, sour, sweet, bitter, hot, I put the wine bubble, also pour a cup to try it.

Although from the calendar off every day, finally Zhouzhoubaba, posted on our original smooth forehead, but finally found, once thought to be trifles in looking back into the unusual brilliance. After go far back, let the heart, look through the past and present - it is perhaps with Li Shangyin and Wen Cheng do the eponymous "Youyang miscellany" mind?

Bai Juyi "night" poem: "eye disease less sleep than the old heart and staying-up late on new year's Eve, pro spring. The fire pin lamp dawn, is the head of sixty people." I had passed the age of Bai Letian at that time. Midnight, muddy and wade dwelling on the past thoughts, I did not know when to sleep slowly. When you wake up, my stare, a winter empty mongolia. It has been said that the beginning of spring, good morning to all have it. Suddenly felt, the singular from beginning to end is cold winter, even the United States to the intact, is to let people think of the past, think of those people are still singing the riddled with a thousand wounds and those who can not shared with others, short pleasure.

The sky is really bright. In fact, the sky every day is the same, not the same, only in those people to change the clouds, is unable to restrain their posture, as long it will suddenly appear in unexpected wonderful. For this day, I prefer those who deserted the blank, is also optimistic about the gaps in the dark ink rich, whether it can only picture, I really don't care. Just believe, some chaos faint in the past, will be desperately through time secret growth, a clear at this time tomorrow.

The first at home, crowded people did not dare to go out. In early spring, the flowers have branches, leaves spit green. Don't go out or go to the historical records, to find another scenery. Mr. Kao in the book "Introduction", a theory called: "the lack of" 54 "new literature movement is the largest, annals of literature forms into at the bottom of the hell, and the new vernacular literature, more than 90 years, only positive, and is only real, without false, from the beginning to the end in an incomplete, imperfect, incomplete, and therefore it is not a perfect limbo. In the forest of the world literature, has not become a strong literary, not to regret. In the middle of the last century, Latin American literature is a moment to rise, and the same is fit, Chinese knot, third is the ancient and present confusion, 4 is the collision of old and new, this complex diverse literature, far more than our plane in recent decades and one-sided realism or realism, too deep and profound, rich and colorful, resulting in an explosion of literature charm, make the whole world look askance." We think, how many days, that the "difference" and "virtual", as in "Youyang miscellany" that book? Presumably everyone -- really do narrative, think about is very interesting.

At this time, the winter just past, I seem to have become soft, in addition to the bone. Even if the winter is not really in the past, as well as straightened himself into my stride, Cuise - indelible streamer distant definitely, I will attack in early spring offensive. Who can stop the flowers and leaves of this season, how rude, perhaps will produce some of the unfaithful to husband. 2018.2.28 in Kunming


Source: Beijing Evening News

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