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The Spring Festival to eat memories of childhood is not to eat the good stuff on weekdays

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The last century at the end of 50s and early 60s is the time of my children. At that time, the "Spring Festival" is the happiest day of the year. Remember, Spring Festival means first spring - farewell last year and greet the new year.

Author: Wang Xiushan

Remember me in the house door, with his brothers and sisters to each of the pencil knife engraved height, each year compared to their growing height. Feel the years slowly grow up. Every new year, my parents always told us: another year older, with longer ambition, to grow up. I look forward to the new year, is the hope to grow up quickly. The annual Spring Festival I'm counting, after a few years I have in high school; in a few years I can serve a few years......

Longtan Park, more than 30 thousand decorated with lanterns to celebrate the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year of the dog. Author: Hu Tiexiang / North late new vision for map

When the Spring Festival, for me, the most happy thing can be a meal for a few days, and you can eat to eat the good stuff on weekdays.

Chinese people, the Spring Festival is very particular about the food -- hard for a year, the total reward yourself and your family. Especially the dinner on New Year's Eve, home to poor, also want to make dumplings, also want to get a table of dishes. Remember a year from the twelfth lunar month and twenty, the mother began to busy making new foods. Mother every year many fried "fork" and "fish face" (which is today than any snacks are delicious delicious in my memory), has been able to eat the fifteenth.

Their late mother will start the twelfth lunar month, busy the dinner on New Year's Eve. Mother is good housekeeping, cook a good meal. In particular, she did Braised Pork, is that I have eaten the best delicious. New year's Eve, mother of a busy day, make a sumptuous the dinner on New Year's Eve which ultimately, our favorite Braised Pork and braised fish in soy sauce. According to our habits, the fish dish is must have, my mother said that this implies a rich rich. They were not out of the pot, several of our brothers and sisters already can't wait, like a flock of chickens by mother twitter. Work for 40 years, have had access to five-star hotels and upscale restaurants, but mother made the dinner on New Year's Eve taste, is any among them, North and South than any of the table delicacies from land and sea. We have several children, gobble gobble down a The wind puffs the clouds away. But as the oldest I found his mother do not Dongkuaizi, just to give children kept food, seemed to look at the children eat enough of her happy -- when young, now want to understand, that is the mother distressed child, he could not bear to eat, limited to children in East and west. The great maternal love, deep in my heart.
Thirty day, northern people have a millennium same "old children": dumplings. "Poor, is also the Chinese new year, eat dumplings dumplings shaped like gold, auspicious fortune. In our home, the new year dumplings is a luxurious, one is not betrayed, must complete two package; is not cooked boiled broken, broken is not broken, and should be called "support". Also, in some dumplings in the bag into a one or two cent coin, who eat in a year of moral luck, good luck. General dumplings on New Year's Eve to eat, in addition staying-up late on new year's Eve "Lunar New Year's day the first meal will eat dumplings," the first two days of North Dumpling face ".

The Spring Festival, happy things and play "". The memory has both "play" the most memorable, is in a "fair", the second is stroll Changdian temple. Fair is the father of the unit compound organization, place in the auditorium. There will be a recreational activity name "Grand View Garden", for people of all ages, especially by children love. "Garden" is actually the intelligence and fun competitions, with riddles, shooting, a candle, a ring, a masked drum or nose, a gun shooting...... The game winner can get the corresponding points, with points for pencils, erasers, balloons, headdress flower, candy and other small prizes. The children fall over each other participate in the project competition, calculation of points for different awards, each other than the number of prizes, played jubilant. Changdian temple was the largest temple in Beijing city. I stroll Changdian Temple deep impression of many people, everyone is dressed in new clothes, the girls wearing colorful "flowers", everyone faces filled with joy. All kinds of temple fairs, tastes, there are many invisible on weekdays in the "old stuff", such as wrestling, playing cricket, shuahou, empty streamers, watching it was...... The symbol of the temple are two things, one is the windmill, two large Tomatoes on sticks. A windmill with sorghum stalk production, with flags and drums, the windmill rotates in the wind, percussion snare issued crisp sound. The windmill is small two large, four round, eight round, twelve round. The children from the temple out at that time, almost everyone a windmill. Is not large Tomatoes on sticks usually see the length of one meter Tomatoes on sticks, but more than large Tomatoes on sticks. The "long", holding the Tomatoes on sticks bent waist". This Spring Festival temple fair to see only Tomatoes on sticks.
The new year as well as an essential project -- pay New Year's call. There are two kinds of gathering and pay New Year's call, visit and worship. The gathering is of course unit pay New Year's call not to say. Another form of pay New Year's call is the Lunar New Year's day breakfast, the parents brought their children, or to go on to the next door neighbours flat close people pay New Year's call. See the elders, bowed, say to you, there is little pay New Year's call "say" congratulation ". This often pay New Year's call will receive red envelopes, each red package is one or two yuan, which in the year is not a small number. Of course, parents will give a red envelope, "reciprocity".

Time passes very quickly., Time flies like a shuttle., in the past more than half a century. Now the people of the Spring Festival, more colorful, more abundant material, but deep joy and give up the family, is always the most important the most prominent theme of spring festival.



Source: Beijing Evening News

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