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Andouble sent a letter to Cai Yingwen condolences to the earthquake stricken area CAI in Japanese reply: Adversity

2018-02-08 16:36 North late new visual integrated network TF009

2 month 2018 years 8 days, global network reporter Cai Yingwen took Japanese Chashi tweeted, says a proverb, "adversity". Don't get me wrong, she is certainly not to the mainland, but to an account from Tokyo: "the prime minister's official residence".

Cai Yingwen and Andouble's interaction, originated in Japan "the residence of the prime minister" push a tweet. The Japanese side expressed concern and condolences to the Taiwan Hualian earthquake in tweets, and pray for people in quake hit areas. Not only that, twitter with Abe Shinzo inscribed the Chinese characters: "come on, Taiwan!"

Today, Cai Yingwen on twitter with Japanese reply and thank tweets still expressed "Taiwan Japan Friendship".

Cai Yingwen tweeted that "Andouble, the prime minister condolences was indeed" (as of the time of ~ National Friends of friends is really).

Cai Yingwen also said: "in such a predicament, Japan's humanitarian aid is both Taiwan and Japan Friendship and values. Today, 7 Japanese experts with life detectors to visit Taiwan, so that more victims are expected to get relief."

Ring: very good, do not comment.

Related news: Cai Yingwen tweeted Kouxie repeatedly selling their mothers friends: the United States of Taiwan!

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