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Dissatisfied with the "overwork law" Taiwan "crime couplets users think of Germany" pain group Cai Yingwen

2018-01-11 17:02 Global network TF009

January 11, 2017 - the global comprehensive coverage of Taiwan area "labor law" part of the amendment 10, three read through, causing dissatisfaction. According to Taiwan, "when the electronic newspaper reported on 11, netizens criticized Cai Yingwen, Lai Qingde is the" overwork killer ", said the future will blossom everywhere fight. Some netizens even came up with the idea of "crime is Germany," Spring Festival couplets about CAI authorities is a large number of users push the doings, burst, Spring Festival couplets have a message "where can you buy?"

Reported that the creative couplets on the: used (Note: spoiled) boss in legal, allied: slave labor. For the crime, Hengpi Germany, Cai authorities meant a strong irony. A large number of users see after explosion, have a message written remember to help party posted about "," where you can buy or obtain? The first time I think that the Spring Festival couplets "and" I will buy you dare to sell! "," the Spring Festival couplets sell absolute opportunities "," to make people cry ".

It is understood that the "labor law", the DPP is very strong. A few days before the barricades with layers of snake cage from the "Legislative Yuan", will Cai Yingwen around the office layout as "the biggest prohibition area in history". When the "era of power" locked "Legislative Yuan conclave, the DPP legislators immediately dispatched a hydraulic shear break.

In the "Legislative Yuan" routine "caucus backroom negotiations in the past, the blue and green step back is no longer, the DPP Bulibucai, not to yield a step of the kuomintang. Outside the labor group wogui protest, the DPP unmoved, extend the conference table overnight for consideration, the Kuomintang speech delay time, Taiwan under the DPP "legislators" since the sleeping time, the number of dominant force vote through.

"Labor law" to complete the three reading of the "opposition legislators" are busy apologizing for not stopping the Kuomintang, the DPP, apologized to the labour bow; abstain from voting the DPP "legislators" tube Bi Ling in face book said, "I will go against the party, twice punished. But, I'm sorry, I can only get it ";" era of power "to the labour bow. Cai Yingwen 10 pm in the DPP central executive committee also said that caused social unrest to modify the law, "she expressed sincere apologies to the people. But for Cai Yingwen's apology, the people on the island does not appreciate. Some netizens said: "the world's cheapest is probably Cai Yingwen with endless apologies!"

(original title: Taiwan users think of "crime with Germany" couplets criticized the Taiwan authorities pushed explosion "where can you buy")


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