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Mutual payment for medical expenses failed? "Two reimbursement" information for Beijing card must be accurate

2017-12-13 11:54. beijing evening news TF008

On December 13, 2017, reporters learned yesterday from the Municipal Federation of trade unions that from January to December this year, the "two reimbursement" of medical expenses amounted to 1 million 110 thousand employees, 2 million 590 thousand people, mutual assistance amounting to more than 335 million yuan, the number of workers receiving assistance increased by 180 thousand, 520 thousand times, and the amount of mutual assistance increased by 35 million yuan.

Over the past 5 years, the "two reimbursement" has covered 4 million members of the trade union.

City Federation of trade unions responsible person introduced, in May 2012, the Beijing Federation of trade unions officially launched the "on the job medical care mutual support plan", also known as warm mutual aid "two reimbursement", is the Beijing City Federation of trade unions covering the most extensive membership, the number of recipients of the largest number of items.

According to the principle of "universal system of preferences and full coverage", the project is aimed at the free mutual benefit guarantee scheme for employees who hold trade union members' mutual help service cards. It covers two aspects of out-patient and hospitalization. After the members deduct the pay line after the reimbursement of the basic medical insurance in Beijing, the "two reimbursement" is carried out according to the proportion, and the maximum mutual aid amount is 200653 yuan.

According to statistics, over the past 5 years, the "two reimbursement" has covered 4 million members of the trade union, 1 million 770 thousand of the recipients, 9 million 770 thousand times of the recipients, and 1 billion 330 million yuan of mutual assistance.

However, in the process of carrying out the "two reimbursement", there is also a problem that members can not enjoy the "two reimbursement" treatment due to inaccurate information of membership service cards, mainly including three reasons:

First, information errors are collected when membership card is collected, such as name, identity card number and so on.

Two, some grass-roots units did not pay attention to the relevant tips and notices of the members who failed to grant mutual funds, but did not update the membership service card information within the prescribed time.

Three, some grass-roots units are not strict in managing membership service cards, such as members' mobilization, deletion of members' information or re - processing of service cards to members.

The relevant person in charge of mutual support and security service center of the city staff said that the "two reimbursement" work for warming and mutual assistance will further strengthen the work of mechanism interconnection, information sharing and service coordination of all relevant units, with the participation rate and satisfaction of employees as the measurement standard, further standardize the management system, optimize the work process, and enhance the ability and level of service members.


Source: Ye Xiaoyan, Beijing evening news reporter

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