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In order to protect the health of winter diet mainly to the Yin and Yang

2017-11-10 16:41 beijing evening news TF009

November 10, 2017 - the beginning of winter is a year twenty-four solar term in nineteenth solar term, from the Chinese perspective, the winter health should conform to the nature of law in closed Tibet, astringing Yin and Yang root.

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Go to bed early evening dresses

Emergency department of Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, Dr. Wu Yichun said, Chinese medicine emphasizes in the cold winter, not because of disturbance and destruction of human physiological function of yin and Yang Yang conversion. Therefore, go to bed early evening to ensure adequate sleep, is conducive to the accumulation of Yin Yang hidden. Dress shoulds not be too little too thin, the room temperature is too low and easy cold consumption yang.

Catering to the Yin and.

The tonic should according to the actual situation to choose clear tonic, temperature compensation, small, not blindly tonic tonic, 000. Can eat some nourishing yin and Yang, a high calorie diet is appropriate, but also to eat more fresh vegetables in order to avoid the lack of vitamins, such as beef and mutton, chicken, fish, drink milk, eat Soybean Milk, radish, cabbage, tofu, fungus, etc.. In addition, traditional Chinese medicine believes that winter should be less salty to help increase the suffering of heart yang.

Keep quiet

In the winter of human metabolism is relatively slow, experts suggest, encountered bad things, learn to control their negative emotions. At the same time more than the sun. Winter light time is short, the night of human brain pineal melatonin secretion increased, affecting people's emotions, and the light can restrain the secretion of the hormone.

Do warm-up before exercise

The appropriate amount of exercise can enhance the body resistance to resist disease. The cold winter, the limbs are stiff, warm up before exercise activity is very important. Such as stretching, jogging, light equipment amount of exercise, the body sweating slightly, then high intensity exercise. After exercise should be promptly put on clothes, so as not to catch cold. In addition, cerebrovascular disease should be forbidden to do strenuous exercise, such as playing, climbing etc..


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Tian Jing

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