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Solar term health: winter tonic and regulating stomach

2017-11-07 10:58 beijing evening news Liangshuang

November 7, 2017 hearing, should go to bed early evening after the beginning of winter, to ensure adequate sleep, to hide, Yang Yin essence accumulation; clothes should be appropriate, not thin not thick, dressed too little too thin to cause a cold; dress too thick, will break the barrier of the skin, have not hidden, cold pathogen is invaded easily.

Lidong fill the winter should take into account the stomach nursed back to health, the morning can take porridge, dinner should be on a diet, but also often eat longan porridge, Yangxin Anshen Yijing Yangyin sesame porridge, digestion phlegm radish porridge, Yin Gujing walnut porridge, jianpiyangwei Poria porridge, jujube porridge Yiqiyangyin, Runfei Sheng Jin, tremella porridge detoxifcation chrysanthemum porridge. Cold weather in the north, for the tonic warm the product, such as cattle, sheep, dog, etc..

Winter exercise to combine running exercises should only slightly like sweat, sweat is much discouraged, contrary to the hidden Yang road.

Wu Weiping East Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine


Source: Beijing Evening News

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