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It is winter! Beijing October 29th winter autumn ten years minimum

2017-11-06 11:36 beijing evening news TF009

November 6, 2017 - the reporter yesterday learned from the Beijing Municipal Meteorological Bureau, according to the climate data center, Beijing in October 29th winter. Meteorological experts, Beijing autumn time this year is September 23rd, the winter time is October 29th, Qiazhiyisuan, autumn is only 36 days.

Data figure Xinhua News Agency issued photo Wu Yongbing

Judge in Beijing this winter according to People's Republic of China meteorological industry standard -- "seasonal division" provisions: the year 5 day moving average temperature series calculation of temperature to form a sliding sequence based on the average temperature, when the sliding average temperature series for 5 consecutive days of less than 10 degrees Celsius, with the corresponding sequence in the first year of temperature less than 10 DEG C as of the date of winter the starting date, if the starting date of initial judgment than normal 15 days earlier than the two of the starting date of judgment.

Meteorological experts, since October 31st this year moving average temperature series began less than 10 DEG C, and achieved 5 consecutive days of less than 10 degrees Celsius in November 4th, the first date of less than 10 degrees Celsius temperature series of the corresponding in October 29th (8.7 C), perennial winter date is October 30th, so there is no need to re judgment accordingly determine the date for the winter of 2017 October 29th.

It is understood that the Beijing autumn time this year is September 23rd, the winter time is October 29th, the fall of this year is down only 36 days. Data from the past ten years, this year the capital fall short.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Sun Leqi

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