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Zhejiang University New Campus Building resembles "Kings Canyon" popular network

2017-10-18 15:12 TF005

Recently, just completed the Zhejiang University of Technology campus building block 1-A screen peak became popular in the network looks for "King gorge". Netizens have said: "it's a beautiful Summoner canyon!"

According to the Zhejiang University of the relevant person in charge of this area is the university campus planning of the new 1-A screen peak blocks, a block is the peak of the East Campus of the screen, the West and the adjacent living area, with a total land area of 388 acres, the greening rate of 48.5%. The block since 2014, which lasted three years of construction, the total construction area of 121 thousand square meters, in May this year, the block building was completed, in September has been put into use. The entire screen peak campus became across 5 bus station long campus.

In this regard, netizen @ spell cat said: "if the students in law 1, 2 classes, 34 classes in the 1-A block, estimated to go out take a bus to catch the class, 11 has to die, saying really do not consider the opening school car battery."

Reporters learned that the new screen peak is designed by University of architecture planning and design institute. Follow the whole building, campus all-embracing single building new harmony but not sameness, classical, bookish, and landscape construction in one, for the construction of the concept of landscape.

The school from September 30th to carry out "on the campus building, 1-A block Ping Feng road named solicitation, solicitation to the majority of students and alumni of the naming scheme. Through the trial, public review and expert review to determine the finalists, and appropriate incentives.

The road sign name news release to the network, many students actively offer advice and suggestions. Netizen @ Gary voyage W "told reporters:" when collecting road name, we joked that called on the road, road, road three, road against "King Valley" named, very interesting." Some netizens message said: "Hey, I'm here in the crystal, where are you?" "I'm in the road a tower, go to the cafeteria to eat a meal of blue dad."

"This group of photos taken is entirely personal reasons, love photography for a long time." Speaking of this group of photos of the shooting, the photographer Tang Xiao told reporters that he in University from undergraduate to graduate school for nearly seven years, all of the workers are very familiar with, has been hit in the film.

Talking about the filming process, Tang Xiao told reporters, because the love of photography, try to find out some aerial skills, wait until after the Capitol, before the good weather to go on a good point of location shooting, shot out of the picture is more beautiful. The shooting is also very smooth, took only ten minutes.

Originally, Tang Xiao is the study of Journalism and communication major of Zhejiang university students, undergraduate students as the founder and lead the team together to create a "big impression" studio. Do now, teachers and students in school alumni, had a reputation. Now the studio instructor. In 6 years, recording a lot of campus photos, also confirms that "his words have been shot.". (reporter correspondent Li Huaxi Li Shifang)



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