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U.S. media said Notre Dame de Paris has reached the critical points seriously damaged repair fee will be 1 billion 200 million yuan

2017-10-10 21:57 Reference News Network TF008

U.S. media said, every year to go to Notre Dame de Paris that millions of tourists be struck dumb drooping, signs are not obvious, many people are busy at exquisite appearance, pay no attention to the damage and its mottled.

According to the "New York Times" website reported on September 30th, on a recent afternoon, church spokesman Andre Fino introduces the damaged condition of the building. Gargoyle and broken baluster falling is plastic pipe and wood substitute. Flying buttresses due to pollution dimmed by rain corrosion. Support pinnacles depends on the beam, and the fixed band. A fingertip, a piece of limestone is broken.

The corrosion of the stone can be seen everywhere, the wind kept blowing, these little things were falling down." On the roof of the church aisle, fino gingerly across the rocks scattered on the ground. The whole place was totally out of control."

Reported that this is not the medieval Gothic architectural treasures the first large-scale renovation, will not be the last time. But experts say, although it is not in danger of collapse, but notre dame has reached a critical point, a high critical point.

Reported that the cost is expected to reach 150 million euros (about 1 billion 180 million yuan), in order to raise the money, they need to rely on the French architectural sustenance of the patriotic feelings, but also need to hit those advocating French American donors.

"There is an urgent need to start an emergency repair work." Michel Pico said that he is the person in charge of the friends of newly established fund of Notre Dame de Paris will, the organization will be responsible for fundraising in the United states.

The Notre Dame de Paris is located in the center of the capital of France, is considered by many to be a lifetime to go to places, including Merania Trump and Beyonce such character. Piku said, it is a kind of "emotional ties" between France and the United States, this relationship is in the wartime alliance, common values and culture of each other in the Freemasonry.

Notre Dame was founded in twelfth Century to thirteenth Century, in 1844 to 1864 years to a renovation of the most thorough, the architect Jean Baptiste Antoine Rassos and Eugene Violet Le Duke rebuilt the spire and flying buttresses, do some construction details.

Before the renovation of decades, here poor management, and in the French Revolution was partially destroyed, Victor Hugo's 1831 novel "Notre Dame de Paris" brought some attention to it, which mentions the dilapidated state of the building.

"The Notre Dame de Paris of the church today is still a magnificent building." Hugo wrote in the book. "Although it is growing old, but it is still very beautiful. But people still can not help but sigh and indignation, see the time and the venerable monument suffered numerous injuries and damage."


Source: Reference News Network

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