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People see Wang Zengqi's quiet might look at his intense feeling

2017-08-10 09:12 beijing evening news TF009

Zhonghua has new the Wang Zengqi anthology, called the "Eight Immortals", the title in the same title from the book. At the beginning of this article, Wang Zengqi said, his teacher Pujiangqing once wrote an article "eight test", is the most complete an article about immortals, and the "Eight Immortals", material from the teacher, can be said to be an abbreviation of the Pu mr.. The reason why an abbreviation, is always interested in eight, two is not the person you meet Mr. pu.

Author: Yang Kui

The "Eight Immortals" this book, with the "Shakya Muni" space accounted for one in three of the book. This long paper I know is 90s proposition -- the Jiangsu Education Publishing House, listed a number of celebrities list at all times and in all countries, then organized a group of super line of the great writer, wrote a biography, their claim, then out of the glorious decades of extremely exquisite biography. Wang Zengqi was invited, he claimed Shakya Muni is.

When this book came out, always love Wang Zengqi, I just want to see how he wrote the flash over the past 20 years, actually did not see this, so get the "Eight Immortals" one book, almost is eager to read the 70 page. Very good, both the picture of the Buddha's life, there are a lot of small stories embedded in carefully selected, there are some verses of the Wang's unique style of retelling -- for example, such a sentence: "people's greed, like the wind in the fire, put the firewood, can not meet the. There are five people desire, such as the hands of the fire, the torch has been burned and the palm of your hand, why not take the torch away?"

A lot of literature lovers have asked me, said to see the Buddhist book, which is the first to see. There is a "consciousness road" I always recommend the book, is about the life of Buddha. After understanding, few people really like to read the book, probably because of the relatively thick, and a lot of people don't have the patience to read translations. OK, there is a writer Wang Zengqi so well, to write a biography so short, may wish to read this.

Wang Zengqi is famous to write novels, but more people like his cultural prose. His prose is very wide, wide spread, this book selected titles, like mean to choose some general anthologies not love selected category, some cultural higher content of the text, such as "China literary language" and "dialect and Mandarin songs" and "talk" to talk about, talk about "genre painting" and "painting on" etc..

I always love Wang Zengqi's painting, he usually has also written characters, so read "Shakya Muni", chose "write an article to read, read to understand his calligraphy experience -- 2056 when his grandfather on" monument "," leisure Guifeng evil public biography ", later from a write Weibei Mr. learn", "Pagoda" Zhang Menglong ", after the junior middle school was rarely lintie, University repeatedly read" Zhang Heinv ". In addition to "free public evil biography" is a blind spot, and I guess the other almost.

Plant, food and drink, is the two largest love Wang Zengqi writing theme, this book has "sung by a talk about food and drink, drink" and "Kwai - Xie", "Ziwei" article about plant two.

When it comes to plant thought, after Wang Zengqi's death, his children with money he had printed the book "Wang Zengqi" on the album. According to Wang Zengqi researchers in Mr. statistics, this book included a total of 122 works, in addition to the 18 pieces of calligraphy and painting involved dozens of flower: bluegrass, wintersweet, chrysanthemum, Magnolia, clove, Rhododendron, osmanthus, hydrangea, red bayberry, peak, Begonia, peony, wisteria, hibiscus, Szentendre, honeysuckle, Narcissus, hyacinth, grapes, leaves, flower, spike, pear, Lu wild fruit, loquat, balsam pear, yam, pumpkin, winter amaranth, lotus, lotus root, yam, white radish, carrot, cabbage, red pepper, bamboo, lotus, CWC, squirrels, birds, dragonflies, owls, goldfish, chickens, geese, fish, crab......

Read what information from it? Some people read the literati feelings of people read the literati taste, there are side to read in a leisurely and carefree mood, quiet. The general theory of Wang Zengqi, mostly about how he watered down, how quiet. In my opinion, these comments are just the quiet side of Wang Zengqi, his love of flower, crazy fans, fans of the desolate, is fierce, is a be careless with the "Crazy" effort. If you can't read this "Crazy", this dynamic, probably not too easy to read why he wrote the eight immortals, wrote Shakya Muni.


Source: Beijing Evening News

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