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Fan Lixin in the "Earth: a magical day" said Chinese shooting film at the best of times

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Fan Lixin, for the general audience may not be familiar with this name, but for the documentary fans, he is the leading director. 2006, Fan Lixin's "last train home" record of an ordinary migrant workers family 3 years during the Spring Festival after visiting history, global best documentary prize Evans prize at the Amsterdam International Film Festival, also makes him become the first American Chinese AI best documentary award and best long beauty business report awards prize director.

Author: Li Li

Fan Lixin Bai Jikai photo

In 2012, Fan Lixin directed the movie "I am" recorded 2013 happy boys draft of the road, became the first large-scale theatrical release in mainland China screening of the documentary film, and won the thirty-ninth Toronto International Film Festival Award "people's Choice Award" and "people's Choice Award for the documentary" two nominations.

In August 11th this year, BBC nature documentary film "Earth: a magical day" will be released in the mainland, with Fan Lixin as co director participated in the Sino British co production department. And in the Beijing evening news reporter's interview, he talked about the unique charm of the film, and confidence in the development of it in Chinese: "although just started, but this is the best of times."

Want to pass the Oriental value

Reporter: you've directed are humanities documentary, this is what makes you an opportunity to be involved in a nature documentary, what is the greatest feeling?

Fan Lixin: I find BBC, they think I'm a had a lot of experience in international cooperation of the China director. Pre planning is completed the British director, I are involved in the process of production Chinese edition, I want to finish with the cooperation of Jackie Chan Yan Geling, the teacher, the internationalization of the story better China let the audience to accept, but also to our Oriental values, especially for Chinese traditional harmony between man and nature into the film to understand. Before we talk more about social life, social change story. This is my first time to participate in the film, hope the audience can see ourselves from animal, we see life from nature, and the relationship between people, the relationship between man and the world. This movie let us learn a lot, not only is the simple knowledge of natural science, but give us a chance to stop at such a fast pace of life, the material world, think about our relationship and family around, and friends, as well as their own value of life where.

Reporter: Chinese culture part of the movie, what are the specific embodiment of?

Fan Lixin: in fact, there are many, the most obvious one is that there is a scene in the evening, ephemera, millions of mayfly hatch simultaneously on a river, the picture is very beautiful. Chinese saying "a day in the life of a mayfly, the world", the east of life and time relative to the understanding of the relationship between, on one's understanding of nature, in such a scenario, the commentary and Jackie Chan brother's voice, let the whole scene become an instant very Oriental charm between. When mix in the UK, the recording technician said, although I do not understand Chinese, but I can feel a strong oriental flavor, let the scene more beautiful.

Look at the images of nature can reduce anxiety

Reporter: 2007 years BBC the "Earth", is the natural history of milepost type film, made more than $100 million worldwide, one of the highest grossing documentary of natural history is still. Ten years after the shoot "Earth: a magical day", what innovation?

Fan Lixin: "Earth" is about three animal life in a year in the story. Ten years later, a more ambitious film appeared, our crew across 22 countries and regions around the world, the film record of the 38 kinds of animal, in the day of the sun gear, all the animal most wonderful and romantic, the most thrilling, the warmth or the most humorous moment into a string a complete story, this kind of film with many before the nature is not the same. It is a love story, and action films, gangster film. Each animal's behavior are derived from scientific investigation is very rigorous, every kind of animal and animal appeared in the film what time are derived from the understanding and study of this animal is very deep, the animal is the most representative behavior, or the most lovable, the most thrilling a pick out.

Reporter: this movie record both from Chinese rare animal, giant panda and white headed langur. Why did you choose them? In particular, the white headed leaf monkey, may not so high visibility of giant panda. And what kind of animal in the film is your love?

Fan Lixin: first of all, the giant panda is the most famous animal Chinese star, is also a kind of animal star fans around the world the most, is the representative of China, so there will be no doubt panda. In fact, the baby panda is very difficult to shoot close, our crew wearing a very thick coat panda is not enough, but also on the clothes with the mother panda excrement, can deceive the panda, very close, with advanced photographic equipment it most adorable pet to take side.

The white headed leaf monkey and the giant panda as precious, but had no one global close-up shots of the white headed leaf monkey behavior. It is one of the most special place, very similar to humans, the monkey is very dark, so in the night before, in any case, have to risk their lives to climb to the rest of the baby monkey precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, the monkey mother, the mother monkey jumping on the rock, climbed very high to the cave. Our crew with UAV more than 200 sorties, because the monkey is very shy, the UAV is very noisy, a drone past them away. The crew spent 20 days, has been flying out, but the frames are not shoot, because the first to let them adapt to the UAV noise, can finally close to shoot monkeys jumping on the cliff of the most wonderful photos, it's never been done before.

I love the most is the sperm whale. The first time to see that, really shocked, the deep sea is unknown to us, with a strong sense of mystery. That I learned a lot, for example, the mother's milk and cheese than sperm concentration, does not dissolve in water, which makes me very surprised. When the family meal, all over the nap time, wow, I felt that this world is so magical. I love the size of sperm whales, but also because it gives people a very serene and calm feeling, the moment people calmed down. BBC and the California Institute of Technology Berkeley do a survey to prove that human nature image for several minutes, anxiety will decline, this is a scientific investigation.

The voice of Jackie Chan has a lot of an inspired passage

Reporter: This is brother invited Jackie Chan Chinese dubbing, what fun tidbits?

Fan Lixin: not a simple voice, the voice of big brother actually became a vivid character, all the animal most charming side show. Big brother is a better perfectionist. In addition to this voice features to imitate the animal most obvious, more importantly, there was very funny, is very breathtaking, and the oriental charm of the scene, the eldest brother in the process and thinking, there are a lot of improvisation, I was very nervous in the studio, this in fact, no word temporarily diverted, and finally found a big brother thing, in the movie the best.

Reporter: so, Chinese version and English version of the translation is not simple?

Fan Lixin: Chinese version of the commentary is not a simple process of translation, in order to make the story in the culture was better China the audience to accept, hope the audience through the Chinese commentary better empathy animal such as many parts of the passions, humor, that sense of humor is not the same, but the animal is fixed we need to go through the commentary, re creating a humorous moment. In this process, we have a lot of thought and collision, some cudgel thinking for a long time, to find the best translation, some are in the field of Emmanuel zhaxian. For example, the penguins walk home, stumbled feet, Jackie Chan in addition to imitate the voice of penguins are staggered, the site also added: "no one saw." The animal psychology shows itself, such an inspired passage is very necessary for such a British films.

Scientific research is the basis of natural film

Reporter: last year, director Lu Chuan Disney in the movie "natural born in our Chinese", made about 60000000 at the box office in the mainland, the documentary also set a box office record, BBC and China this year CO produced this one "Earth: a magical day", how do you see the development for natural film at home?

Fan Lixin: Chinese natural film development is still in a beginning. But now China film market is more and more big, the audience is in fact there is a strong demand for diverse content. From the "migratory birds", "the sea" to "we are born in Chinese", in fact can be seen in the market continues to expand, believe that the "Earth Day": the magic of this movie can get more attention in the China market, it is very suitable for parents with children to watch together, is to understand a great side the world's most beautiful and most mysterious film.

In fact, China vast territory and abundant resources and vast in territory, the diversity of our wild animal is very rich. A few days ago in Shanghai green international film week, I Chinese with the most famous wild animal photographer Xi Zhinong teacher to participate in a forum, he did 30 years of wild animal photography, he said the wild animal image of our very lacking, not to mention the movie. China nature films should be said that last year has just started, the film director Lu Chuan made such a good reputation and box office, this time to do so much work in BBC. This is probably the best time of film.

Reporter: do you think Chinese film development is the lack of talent or technology?

Fan Lixin: in fact, the lack of, do such a film, behind the technology, talent, film industry, scientific research, these elements are not money can solve, need a long process of accumulation and development. Compared with foreign countries, the current domestic film together in this small scale, equivalent to the entire film industry, a drop in the bucket. And the production of natural film also needs highly specialized, our country does not have special training to colleges and universities in France, the UK, have wild animal photography professional, specialized training schools and even the nature photographer. It's a process, when we and the world's top team of in-depth cooperation, we will soon be able to learn a lot, if the market and investment can keep up with it, I believe Chinese nature films soon developed.

Reporter: you and the BBC cooperation, what is the biggest harvest? Then there is no interest to continue to shoot film?

Fan Lixin: the biggest harvest is actually to see the process and system of making film, to every aspect of how their mutual cooperation, to create such a great film, the system needs to learn. Even if we have no shoot, good science as the basis, is not enough, because the film also need a story, and the story of it from you on the most profound understanding of animal science. Including investment, "the earth: a magical day" than the first many times, so Chinese now will not have capital involved in the creation of such? The audience, Chinese actually have such a group of natural film faithful audience, but in the commercial film market, but also faces the problem of row piece. Next I and Mr. Xi Zhinong are planning two projects. He was making a snow leopard, I might add, there is a theme is the Tibetan antelope migration, which is unique to China, should take out the whole world to see.

Reporter: in fact, in Chinese, is more than natural film, almost all of the documentary will face the problem of the market, it is difficult to box office and commercial competition, how do you see this problem?

Fan Lixin: the documentary and commercial films, like roe sauce and rice meal, not to put together than the box office, their meaning and value and purpose are not the same, business is more of a meet the entertainment needs of everyone, the documentary is entertaining, but is more social. In recent years Chinese documentary is actually in the steady development, "Gangren" has quickly broken million pocci. The key is how to let the audience into the theater, just go in, there are few documentaries will be make complaints about the. The creator to constantly creative boutique, also need to pay more attention to the media and cinema documentary.

Source: Beijing Evening News

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