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If ten years writing a "last mercy" about the context of reform and opening to the inner world of the characters

2017-08-06 10:31 beijing evening news TF009

August 6, 2017 - the last poet if the latest novels "last mercy" in Beijing book building to meet with readers.

If write "last mercy" is from the beginning of 2007, the middle of intermittently over ten years to write off the final. The book is from creation 10th anniversary launched sixth books and second novels.

"The last mercy" wrote the story happened in the late 80s. The hero and heroine in the background of reform and opening-up, life and emotion will inevitably experience the external environment impact and xieguo. Author Yi Miao Cun life as the origin, to I (Yi Ziyun), Yang Yifan, Liu Yifei, Mei Ruo, Leng Yan and other perplexing emotional entanglements as the main line, fully demonstrated in the period of social transformation, each individual desire to show, and track the soul.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Chen Mengxi

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