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Shanghai is the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon super wonderful building shocked friends

2017-07-14 15:19 Tencent news TF005

Recently, the Suzhou River on the east side of Luqiao Changhua (Changhua Road Mo Gan Road), also known as M50, on the west side of Mo Gan Road, across the bay city wall, there has been a large number of wonderful architecture: cap height of a building along the river to expand on top with a variety of plants, looks like a seat of mountains.

The heavy traffic in the busy streets, such a house is full of green building quite some "land of idyllic beauty" feeling, some netizens said that this building is more like the legendary hanging gardens of babylon.

It is reported that the project in the construction area planning designer in a number of different heights of the wedge structures, as many as 400 terraces overlap, will have completed 1000 full column platform of the plant, and the construction of the bank is also full of green riverside park.

Is currently under construction in the west block, the future will be the construction of Greater East block, known as the British designer Heatherwick Guicai architects, has been designed in World Expo and British the Bund financial center in Shanghai.

Nearly 1000 column building body form two seat "gorgeous" hill house. Heatherwick green area concept into the design, to create a stunning visual perception, the design concept of "urban geomorphology".

The schools, residential, retail stores, hotels, office buildings will be located here, is expected to be completed in 2018.

This strange building, after being exposed, immediately triggered the topic on the Internet, many users have exclaimed, this is Hanging Gardens of Babylon reproduction?

Of course, questioning voice can be heard without end. Many people think this building is be horrified.

However, in addition to the appearance of small brother more concerned about security issues of this building group. So high in the air of trees, whether be able to resist typhoons? Developers how to do high altitude safety? If the fire personnel how to evacuate? The final answer these questions can only wait for the developers.

Finish the building itself, let's talk about its designers.

He called Thomas Heatherwick, known as the popular British architect who although only 46 years old, but the British design industry mainstay.

You may not have heard of him, but you must be familiar with his work, such as: the British Museum "in 2010 in Shanghai, World Expo Seed Cathedral, Renaissance Art Center, the main torch of the London Olympic Games, etc..


News source: Tencent

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