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Chongqing reproduction magic building inventory of the global drink in order to design a building

2017-07-13 16:13 China off the net TF009

July 13, 2017 - the China off network integrated media reported recently, Fuling, a building in the online fire! In a residential district of Fuling Xinghua Road, four building 10 floor, built four units are connected in the air corridor, every family go smoothly. In addition, in between the four unit residential building four or five Baokan, has also built a sports field, there are basketball and table tennis table. But surprisingly, basketball here was not rectangular, but a ladder!

It is understood that this district was built 20 years ago, currently has more than 200 residents, "air corridor" is also the time for the convenience of residents and supporting construction. Here is the stadium before a wasteland, rented a school a few years ago, was changed to the sports field, become the sports venues of students. (Wang Hui)

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