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Chongqing reappears four units of the magic building and connects the air corridor.

2017-07-13 14:09. New vision network synthesis TF005

Recently, a building in Fuling has been burning online. In the middle of the 10 building of four buildings in a district of Xinghua middle road in Fuling District, an air corridor connecting four units was built.

In addition, in the residential area between the four units and four or five floors of fort, also built a sports ground, there are basketball court and table tennis table. But surprisingly, the basketball court here is not a rectangle, but a trapezium. Such a basketball court is also full of magic.

It is understood that the district was built 20 years ago, there are currently more than 200 households, "air corridor" was also convenient for the residents in the district to get in and out. The playground was originally a barren slope. After renting it to a school a few years ago, it was converted into a playground to become a sports ground for students. (source: China Youth Net)

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