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Chaoyang District introduction of construction waste recycling production line 90% construction waste recycling

2017-06-17 22:25 Beijing daily TF003

June 17, 2017 - (reporter Zhu Songmei) in the shed, illegal, ease vacate, often leaving a large number of construction waste. The reporter learned from the Chaoyang District daily, in order to avoid the pollution caused by landfill construction, to the "blank green building" Teng space, for the time, Chaoyang District introduced the country's largest construction waste disposal and resource utilization of production line, can be 90% of construction waste into infrastructure, green materials, in-situ reuse.

Chaoyang introduced the country's first studio to change the resources of construction waste disposal site of production line, construction waste can be transformed into recycled materials, local consumption recycling. Newspaper reporter Li Jihui photo

Huanggang North Ring Road Bridge, was one of the most concentrated in Chaoyang District lower secondary industry area. Three months ago, the rental yard was demolished, broken brick rubble scattered on the ground. The shop was a half meter thick. At present, has been basically clear in field.

Wang Budao edge of construction waste, where? The secret lies not far away in the deep blue enclosure in. Into the show in front of us is the open-air production line consists of multiple modules, covering about 70 acres. Tens of meters long machine is busy but quiet operation, this is the country's largest construction waste disposal and resource utilization of production line, consumptive radius of 5 to 10 kilometers of construction waste.

The factory on the west side piled up just shipped the building rubbish, mixed with stones, scrap wood, clay. Transfer car into the production line, automatic crushing, sieving, multistage separation, and then be arranged out, recycle. According to statistics, about 90% of construction waste recycling, the remaining 10% is garbage, will be sent to the Gaoantun waste treatment plant.

Chaoyang District mayor Wang Hao said, with only 20 days since the cast production line, has 8000 tons of construction waste disposal, to ease after the "blank green" for a time and space, also piled out of a new road for construction waste landfill, farewell.

Exploration on construction waste recycling has been carried out for many years. This set of impurities in Beijing construction of independent research and development system for efficient removal, screening by wind and physical vibration. It can be said that this line is designed for the illegal building, the studio to change the design of the complex building of garbage can be swallowed, "are not picky eaters".

After screening, the soil can be directly used for afforestation, and regeneration of stones of different specifications are made of permeable brick paved roads, landscape, material modeling.

This is only one production line, permeable brick and paving materials of the annual production capacity reached 500 thousand tons, has already been used in the infrastructure construction of the Wenyu River Wetland Park and the Hudson River area.

Construction group, the relevant person in charge of the whole production line adopt closed design, noise has the advantages of dust. Each module also specially built enclosures, the equivalent of a "coat", in the outside of the machine, to absorb noise. The factory is also equipped with a machine gun around the fog, uninterrupted spray mist and dust. This means that even if the nearby residential area, production line will not affect the normal life.

The production line from the procurement, design, installation to commissioning, but after 4 months. As the Sun River area after the disposal of construction waste, can also remove. "A heavy car can carry away a processing module, the control room is a car." Wang Hao said, because of this, the design life of 10 years of production line can be repeatedly used, ready to go to the new battlefield.

Such a construction waste disposal and resource utilization of production line, this year will build at least three, located in the Chaoyang District dam, and Gaoantun shibalidian.

(original title: to avoid the construction of green space for backfilling area, Chaoyang District, introduced the construction waste recycling production line

90% of construction waste recycling)


Source: Beijing daily

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