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Nanjing century building was wayward Chaigai whose over how to balance the cultural relics protection and utilization?

2017-06-03 10:16 beijing evening news TF005

6 2017 3 hearing, Pukou District Jintang Street South of the city of Nanjing, near the tracks, under the viaduct, a brick wall, red tile roof of the building - British Steel "town train station of British architecture". It was founded in 1911, more than 106 years, 2012 years in Nanjing city was announced as cultural relics protection units. However, such a bearing a hundred years of historical memory has unhistorical buildings destroyed, triggering hot.

On the morning of 2, Nanjing District of Pukou city article wide Bureau officially on the individuals involved the company 200 thousand yuan of administrative punishment, and request according to the procedures prescribed by law, restoration of damaged buildings. The building was exactly how security destruction? Why companies involved to Chaigai security architecture? With the use of cultural relics protection how to balance? The reporter visited the survey.

Scene: pull the walls made the rockery, open the window for the door

5 the morning of 31 August, the reporter twists and turns, finally found hidden in the viaduct "town train station of British architecture". Reporters on the scene saw a privately built small courtyard units involved rental housing door, wall brick and stone building blocks, but also the installation of a house.

The construction of private walls not only in the construction of a building and the British do not tune the rockery and an oval shaped reservoir, and are laying a trail on the edge of a pile of mud and rubble brick construction, obvious signs.

"Here are the original two fan painted with red paint wooden door, now they are privately Chaigai grey doors with glass." In the hospital, Nanjing District of Pukou City, the deputy chief of the Department wide Bureau fanggrui pointing to open the door to the room said.

The reporter saw, not only the front door is changed, the new masonry walls and doors on both sides of the original old wall contrasts. Fang Rui told reporters that the construction team also secretly poqiang opened four windows.

Reporters at the scene by measuring each window width of 1m, height of about 1.5m, a depth of about 50cm. Among them, three windows are digging through the original wall construction, another window is after the construction team to the original room door blocked, dug in the new window on the wall.

The room still piled up a lot of cement bags, slate, and the floor of the room was also dug a long ditch. After the measurement, two small total length of 14.6m, width of 20cm, depth of about 15cm. Next to the ditch is also stacked with not laying pipe.

In the afternoon, when reporters came to the scene to encounter 3 nearby villagers again. A villager surnamed Zhao told reporters that they often play in the building nearby, "now this way with our little to see when the big difference, a little pity."

There is a housing lease contract, no alteration formalities of examination and approval

So who is secretly rebuilding this building security architecture? Reporters from the Pukou District of Nanjing city article wide Bureau, the bureau had received a report after the unhistorical volunteer know someone is rebuilding the illegal buildings unhistorical. Informed of the situation, they immediately let the construction team to stop construction, and carry out relevant investigation.

The investigation, on-site construction team from Nanjing show bit culture dissemination limited company recruitment for the individuals involved, the film crew early scene reconstruction. The reporter contacted the crew director liu. According to Liu introduced in March this year, he found the "old house", feel very suitable for the theme of his films, he found responsible for the operation of the construction of the Nanjing Railway Development Group Limited, and please show Nanjing bit Culture Communication Co. Ltd and signed for a one-year lease contract.

"Rent, we have been informed that the house is a bit show, cultural relics protection units, have any plans to inform us and related departments." Nanjing Railway Development Group Co., an official told reporters that they have fulfilled the obligation to inform in advance.

Reporter access to the two sides signed the "housing lease contract" contract, the second paragraph of article second and article eighth "Party B's other obligations" is "without the consent of Party A, Party B shall not arbitrarily change the housing structure" and "Party B to housing decoration, design must be approved by Party a's approval, Party A agrees before construction" other terms agreed in the contract, but there is no clear expression of cultural relics protection units.

"This house is broken, and light is poor, I think about the transformation." The crew director Liu told reporters that they subsequently to prepare the relevant materials for approval. "I think this is a small warehouse, the first construction did not feel much problem."

"The cultural relics department has not received any prior reconstruction plan, also did not know." Fang Rui believes that due to the serious destruction of cultural relics and the original cast structure, belonging to the illegal behavior obviously. If this alteration, even pre declaration will not be.

Use and protect cultural relics building how to balance?

On the morning of 2, Nanjing District of Pukou city article wide Bureau official made the punishment decision of the individuals involved: a fine of 200 thousand yuan, according to the procedures prescribed by law, and ordered its restoration of damaged buildings.

"The provisions of Article 26 of the People's Republic of China cultural relics protection law", the use of immovable cultural relics, cultural relics must not to change the status quo of the principles for the protection of buildings and its affiliated cultural relics, and may not damage, alteration, Tim or dismantle immovable cultural relics. The protection of cultural relics in Nanjing scholar Yao Yuan believes that the crew penetrated the wall of private building windows, has changed the cultural status quo, should be punished in accordance with the provisions of law on the protection of cultural relics.

In recent years, the film crew and vandalism incidents. Yao Yuan said, because the film is not prohibited to do not use mobile cultural relics of the cultural relics protection law, but the protection of cultural relics must be in the first place, use shall be reasonable and have no protection degree, no use. "Once the immovable cultural relics were destroyed, even after the repair is difficult to recover, the body of the cultural relics has caused irreparable damage."

How to avoid such damage behavior? Yao Yuan suggested that we should strengthen the cultural property units, the use of the security law publicity and training, improve their consciousness of legal consciousness and protect cultural relics. Secondly, the cultural relics department should strengthen supervision, regular inspection, found the problem as soon as possible.

Jiangsu FD Yongheng lawyer Liu Weidong recommended, when using cultural change, should be established to improve the reporting system, to facilitate timely grasp of the cultural relics department within the jurisdiction of the use of cultural relics, targeted inspections and supervision.


Source: Beijing Evening News

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