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Journey to the West in the architectural wonders is a mirage? Light of the secret of the body and architecture

2017-04-28 12:00 beijing evening news TF005

Leslie Cheung jump, fall into the void, or fly to heaven? Depression that he decided to make "another world in action, from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel 24 floors, overlooking the city of dreams hanging head: the scene of debauchery, a riot of colour, are of no great importance.

Author Gansu

He said with a hard landing, but he was in another romantic world alone. No one remembers when he died badly mutilated face, we remember, his melancholy eyes and gestures, the line, there is no physical image, more strong.

Leslie Cheung used his last flight of the April Fool's day to complete the final myth, in his life of God, whether Western or Eastern god, the immortal Buddha, a fundamental distinction between ordinary people and is tied to their ability to overcome gravity, minimizing the heavy sense of heaviness, heavy feeling heavy feeling, body building even the story.

Do not fall smallpox, everywhere with bird fly.

Can you imagine Leslie Cheung in the air posture, will not like Eve Klein's "fall" behavior art void so elegant? In 1960, French pop artist Eve Klein and fly to experience the feeling of weightlessness, without any protection, vacated jump from the two floor window in the air, he opened his hands, imitate the wings of birds, enjoy the freedom in transient moment, cost is broken legs.

This crazy behavior art is a high-speed camera photographer photographed, named: "into the void", with such an extreme way to flaunt their personal independence of conduct, dangerous behavior, the children do not imitate, but at one level, reflects the light of morbid desire.

Since ancient times, the light has been the human ideal, diligently strive after the goal. In classical times, aeroplane factory has not been formed, the existence and legitimacy of people with a dream of Utopia to establish air map light of god. In "journey to the west", was living in the thirty-three tushita palace, in Buddhism, tushita is fourth days to six days, while in the Taoism system, tushita became the name of the supreme commander of the Lao mansion, from to fourth days, jumped in the top of the thirty-three taoist. Must be thirty-three, three times three is nine, this is the largest number of St. Song Caishen in Taoism, "Hong Fan Huang Ji said:" in the article "the number, began a, participate in three, in nine." Let the founder of Taoism living in the highest heaven, so that he has the light body and the palace, can obviously strengthen the ruling basis of the highest god.

Similarly, Buddhism developed a similarly complicated celestial ladder, "perspective on the" one hundred seven turn cloud: "there are thirty-three temple, the city of seven, is glad to see. Nine hundred and ninety-nine doors, one door there are sixteen great spirits in Tsing Yi, the guardian." "Hui Yuan said four sound and meaning" mountains peaks, the five hundred by Austin, every mountain is divided into eight days, 48 to thirty-two, plus the central hall of good days, the total number of thirty-three, composed of a structured, hierarchical world thirty-three.

What "peak day peak day, happy to see the city, private bowl of his day, all every day......" Light the name enough to say it again people dizzy, so not to mind taking the trouble named temple is obviously with no reality whatever, to strengthen the faith of believers, sowing the seeds in the hearts of people: the existence of heaven! You see, I can tell you where it is immortal Buddha place, what kind of architectural style, what kind of plant ornament, what kind of servants serve, what kind of story happened, a series of archaeological works of myth, the ultimate goal is to make you believe that you have a day. Possible emergence Feixianguan site, no longer plagued by gravity, unrestrained, A great hawk spreads its wings, this is possible.

In Christianity, when the young man named Marco Polo from Venice came to the "magnificent city, there is a beautiful garden city, with rich fruit Yerqiang all around the plain" (now Kashi), he saw a strange building, Saint John's church. Construction of the church is circular, all the weight on the roof are concentrated in a central pillar on the pillars underneath a square stone, is a Christian from a mosque for the. When Muslims have resumed their forces back to the Christian holy stone requirements. Obviously, if they return the stone, the church will collapse, and if they dare not also head to move. Marco Polo wrote: "the plight of the Christians in tears, pray to bless the glorious Saint John reverent and respectful, have no way." At this time, a miracle happened on that day, they should also stone, in prayer devout Christians in the columns themselves up from the foundation is three feet tall, so easy to move away from the cornerstone and does not affect the overall stability of the building. If Marco Polo really go to Kashi or Chinese, he really seen such a "castles in the air"? He even said: "the church in this situation, without any kind of support, has been preserved to this day." ("Marco Polo" first volume)

From the edge up, to imagine building in the sky and mirage related experience. "Mirage" mirage, is an imaginary animal, and probably clams almost, "Zhou Shen" palm note: "clam, clams"; "Mandarin" Jin note: "small Yue Yue large clams, clam. All dielectric material, mussels also." It is said that this is the mussel animal, can turn out in the ocean of market and ocean and desert pavilions, terraces and open halls, confuse the lone man. The most frequent early mirage phenomenon, Penglai. Japan's Waseda University professor Nakano Miyoko believes that the visual spectacle as the basis, the day after speculation that the myth of architecture in Penglai, "there are nine old father-in-law, nine innocent Jade Palace, on the cover in reality. Only fly to the ear to." ("domestic" Shuo Chau islands). This said, "journey to the west" in architectural wonders, is not just a mirage like illusion of nothingness?

The house is built into the sky!

In fact, this kind of traditional aesthetics not only affects the myth, let the mountains down to the temple to the carpet somersault cloud in the art of literature popular shine, and become an important connotation of classical China in architectural aesthetics.
He said in the memo "future" literature millennium: Stone heavy can be transformed into its opposite -- from Medusa's blood was born out of the Pegasus Peijiasuosi, so, when the flying posture against the world Zhang Guorong's heavy, can also fall into a rise from heavy and light. Is the body's demise turned to the immortality of the soul, is building freeze in people's minds the moment of fantasy.


Source: Beijing Evening News

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